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You could not survive on planet x. it is not possible

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The planet can survive without light, but you won't

planet x is real you just have to believe and planet x does not have a x on it.dumb

Planet X does not exist - it was a hypothetical planet.

Planet X is not a planet because it is not real, it's made up.

You can only survive on Earth but no other planet.

They can survive but only with protective equipment.

There is no way to survive on mercury

A planet is too large to sit on a moon.

Jewel planet is the Earth , in which we live and survive . It is the only planet where life exists .

Planet x is the planet behind Pluto which is commonly reffered to as Selena but is not yet a planet(or clarified planet).

Planet X was a hypothetical planet which was searched for after the discovery of planet Neptune. `Planet-X` does not exist.

No, planet x is not real.

The name of planet X is Nibiru

There is no "Planet X". See links.

Planet X does not exist.

Planet X does not exist.

Zero. Planet X does not exist.

Planet X does not exist.

Pluto is not referred to as Planet X. Planet X is a term used for an unknown theoretical planet at the edge of the solar system.

Nowhere. There is currently no planet called planet X. It is a lie

No, Neptune is a gas planet and no animals could survive there.

It is impossible to survive on the planet Neptune. This planet is very far away from the sun and therefore is very cold and not habitable.

Planet X does exist but there are about 3 Dwarf planets that have simularities to Plznet X. Planet X has not yet been discovered.

Planet X is just the temporary name used for a planet that hasn't been named yet. For example, Pluto was called Planet X before it got its official name. There isn't currently any unnamed planet being called Planet X.