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Are you replacing the HD or do you want to SWAP with OS installed on BOTH????

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โˆ™ 2005-07-14 00:59:19
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Q: How do you swap out a hard drive in a Toshiba Satellite 2130CS?
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How do you remove Toshiba satellite m200 hard drive?


Where can you get a free recovery disc for a Toshiba satellite with windows 7 premium?

There should be a recovery partition on the hard-drive. There is on mine !

What hard drive does a Toshiba satellite a10-s127 take?

The Toshiba A10-S127 Satellite laptop can take up to at least a 100Gb hard drive as per toshiba's upgrade page. Here is the link to it: You just have to fill in your model number and it will show you the results.

How large a capacity hard drive can you fit in a Toshiba Satellite Pro 460CDT?

Toshiba does not specify a maximum size hard drive for this laptop. Based on its age / date of manufacture, it was probably built around the time of the 2.1 GB barrier, and thus is already equipped with the largest possible drive usable under most operating systems.

What type of hard drive does a Toshiba A15-S157 have?

The Toshiba A15-S157 uses a standard 2.5" 40 GB EIDE / PATA hard drive.

Where can one buy a Toshiba laptop hard drive?

Toshiba laptop hard drives are sold at Best Buy, Amazon, Radioshack, Walmart, Target, Newegg, eBay, Apple, Toshiba, Server Supply, and Drive Solutions.

How do you insert a sim card to toshiba satellite c50?

hit it really hard with a hammer

How do you replace the hard drive on a toshiba p35-s611?

You can access the hard drive from the bottom of the laptop. If you turn the laptop upside down, you'll find the hard drive door under the Toshiba sticker with the laptop serial number. Remove two screws from the hard drive cover and then remove the cover. Slide the hard drive to the right and remove it. Transfer the hard drive bracket to a new hard drive.

Which is a better brand of hard drive seagate or Toshiba?

Seagate is a top branded name. It is better than toshiba.

What is a Toshiba Satellite Pro 410CDT laptop?

It is an extremely old laptop manufactured by Toshiba around 1995. According to Toshiba, its specifications are:A 90 MHz Intel PentiumAn 810 MB hard driveA 4x CD-ROM drive8 MB of EDO DRAM as standard (40 MB maximum)An 11.3" LCD with a maximum resolution of 1024x768 with 256 colorsTwo PC Card slots

Can you use a Toshiba External Hard drive on a MacBook?

Toshiba hard drives, as are most USB 2 drives, are fully compatible with Mac OS X. (See links below)

Would a western digital external hard drive work with a Toshiba that has Windows?


Does the Toshiba Satellite A215-S5848 have a microphone?

No it does not i have one ive tryed very hard to find one it does not have one

You have toshiba satellite l40 laptop it came with dos you are planning to install windows xp but when you are trying to install xp it saying no hard disk found?

I have a toshiba Satellite l40 laptop it came with no operating system and i am planning to install windows xp but when I try to install xp it says no hard drives found

How do you remove the hard drive from a Toshiba SA30?

Hi The hard drive is under the CD ROM. So first slide out the CD ROM. You can then unscrew and slide out the hard disk. Cheers

Xbox hard drive?

Some manufacturers making hards for xbox. Seagate and toshiba are examples.

What are some good alternatives to a Samsung external hard drive?

There are a number of possible alternatives to a Samsung external hard drive. One could get an external drive from Western Digital, Toshiba or Seagate.

Where do you buy a new hard drive for a toshiba laptop?

just go to for all your recovery needs from many different brands including the toshiba one :-)

How do I select a replacement SSD hard drive that is compatible with my Toshiba Satellite L15w-B-1320 Are they brand specific or one size fits all Thanks.?

You may choose any brand as they are all standardized and compatible.

Does toshiba make hard drives for hp laptops?

My HP Pavilion m6 is stock installed with a 640GB "HP ProtectSmart" Hard-drive, but in my system information it is labeled as a "TOSHIBA MK6476GSX SATA Disk Device." So that leads me to believe yes, in fact some HP laptops ship with Toshiba Hard-Drives.

What is the largest Toshiba hard drive available?

The largest hard drive that one can find for external hard drives on Toshiba's website is 3 terabytes. One can also find 3 terabyte internal hard drives on their website as well.

What laptop is better the hp laptop amd e-series processor or the toshiba satellite amd e-series?

The Toshiba has a larger hard drive, a bigger display, and a more reliable brand. But, if you are going to college, I would recommend spending some serious money on a computer, for a Sony, Samsung, or Dell XPS 15z .

Where can you download free restore disk for toshiba?

You technically already have one - it's the recovery partition on your hard-drive.

What laptop is better the hp laptop amd e-series processor or the Toshiba satellite amd e-series for college?

The Toshiba has a larger hard drive, a bigger display, and a more reliable brand. But, if you are going to college, I would recommend spending some serious money on a computer, for a Sony, Samsung, or Dell XPS 15z .

What size of hard drive can toshiba t8000 take?

Presumably by size you mean capacity? The BIOS determines how much hard drive memory your computer can address so if you are upgrading your hard drive I suggest you check Toshiba's website and download the latest BIOS for your machine.