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How do you swap sides in darkorbit?


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To switch sides you need 5k uri

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Using the Wii Internet Channel, you cannot play Darkorbit. You may search youtube videos, questions, check your email etc... But you cannot play Darkorbit.

when you swap sides of the court !?!

darkorbit is an online game which i think you should get. it will be a much better game than any of your online games. hope you are happy with this answer!

what exactly is your question?

Well, that depends on your opinion.

You can get uridium in Darkorbit by collecting bonus boxes. You can also collect it from weak aliens as well as being in a outfit that pops a lot of aliens.

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buy a shield generator or 2. regards

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Spiral Knights, Darkorbit, Countersnipe (Flash game); That's all I know of.

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To get uridium on Darkorbit is very simple. 1. You buy it from the 'Uridium page' on your back-page. Usually it's $3-4:00 for 5,000 uridium. Price depends on the ammount. 2. You kill aliens. Some aliens give you 2 Uridium, others give you 20, and others 50. Depends on the alien and the ammount you kill. 3. Use a Uridium hack. This can be found on and GoogleVideos. I'd recommend not hacking, for the reason that you could get banned from Darkorbit for good. Hope this helps, MrJman99991

They are not a direct swap.They are not a direct swap.

ok the answer is, just bid over 20 million credits or just bid lower on a vengeance!

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You can swap your games at below website

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