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You can switch from Yahoo account to Gmail account easily. The account can be created on Gmail account. You can export all the data from yahoo account as well.

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I'm already on Gmail
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Q: How do you switch from a Yahoo Mail account to a gmail account?
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Can you sign in your yahoo account by signing into gmail?

No you cannot do like that ever. You need to have a Gmail account in order to sign in into that. Yahoo accounts signs you into yahoo mail.

How can you use your gmail account to reach someone who has a yahooIM account?

Gmail account can be reached to Yahoo mail too. Gmail allows mails to be sent to Yahoo mail also. The messenger messages cannot be sent across servers.

How do you get your Gmail account working on your iPod touch?

if you're referring to e-mail a POP3 account is needed, you must pay for the Yahoo Premium service or you can switch to Gmail, which allows POP3 for free

What happen when a user send a mail from Gmail account to a user in Hotmail or Yahoo?

User can send a mail from Gmail account to other ones. Hotmail and Yahoo are examples of those. Gmail provides cross server mailing too.

You want to open a mail account?

go get a gmail or go get a yahoo

How do you transfer address book from yahoo mail to gmail account?

Export contact from Yahoo in CSV file format and upload at Gmail.

Why mail can not send from yahoo to gmail account?

cause they just wont do that simply copy and paste ur message to your gmail account.

How do you create an email account using classic Yahoo Mail?

From yahoo mail click options and select 'Switch to Yahoo Mail! Classic'.

Can you sent messages to g mail without an account?

You cannot send messages to Gmail without an account. However you need not to get a Gmail account only. You can also send it from yahoo mail like services.

How can I get my mail from a Hotmail account to a Gmail account?

When in gmail, go to the top corner and click settings. You will find an option that will allow you to receive mail from any email address you want. Including yahoo, hotmail, lycos, and even another gmail account.

How do you get armorgames account?

I do it to be a 13 years old and and dont use gmail use yahoo mail.

What is a mail servers?

GMAIL or Yahoo mail.