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How do you syllabicate the word watched?


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The word watched only has one syllable so it is not syllabicated.


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The word, history, is syllabicated HIS-TOR-Y

it can't be syllabicate..

The word afraid has two syllables. The syllables in the word are a-fraid.

There are 3 syllables in the word 'agreement'. A-gree-ment.

Each vowel makes a syllable.

The word "blends" cannot be syllabicated as it only has one syllable.

Sincerely is a three-syllable word--sin cere ly

Earnest has two syllables: ear-nest.

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The word watched has one syllable.

Watch is the base word in watched, -ed is the suffix.

weed-ed, two syllables. How you do that is you say the word to claps and every syllable is a clap.

The word fruit has one syllable. This means the whole word is the syllable and so it can't be divided into syllables.

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