How do you sync dose speakers tu apple iMac?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How do you sync dose speakers tu apple iMac?
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How do you sync Hotmail and iMac?

click the link

What can the apple iMac be used for?

iMac's can be used for anything a regular Windows PC can be used for and much more. You can edit your movies on professional software such as iMac, sort out your photos with iPhoto, sync your music library with iTunes, create websites with iWeb or browse the internet with Safari. There are many other things you can do as well.

What does the Apple Universal Dock do?

The Apple Universal Dock is an Apple product that allows you to easily connect to a USB port to connect to speakers or a TV, or also to charge or sync your Apple iPod or iPhone. It comes with the Apple Control to allow you easy access from anywhere in the room.

How do you sync an iPod Nano?

to sync a ipod nano you go to the apple store and then go to the name of your ipod then click sync

Where can someone purchase a software that will allow them to sync all their files together?

Someone can purchase a software that will allow them to sync all their files together at the Apple Store. The Apple Store calls their file sync service iCloud.

Your Ipod is register on iMac can you still use Windows?

If you sync your iPod with a Mac, you'll only be able to sync it with a Windows if you reformat it to be compatible with Windows. In other words, you can only use your iPod with one OS at a time.

Is there a way to sync the Apple iPhone to your apple computer so you can tell if someone is on your computer?

just use a camera

What do you do when your itouch is diabled?

if its completely disabled for like a passcode or something then you just have to sync it or plug it in to the first apple u use to sync stuff on it

How do you sync limewire music to iPhone 3g?

Yes you can do it with any apple device

Dose miley lip sync or not?

no she never has and she never will because she is nice and I've been to her concert

What happens when you take an ipod that is synced to an apple computer and then sync it to a windows computer?


Your itunes account was on a computer that crashed how do you get your ipod to sync with another computer?

Call Apple. iPods won't sync again without specific steps followed.