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How do you take browser off a website?

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Can you take off the web browser on an Ipod touch?

no you can not. The web browser is perminent, such as the music block.

Why does your browser clicks a lot?

Is your browser Internet Explorer? It does that when you are selecting a website. Go under your sound settings on your OS and you can turn it off from there. I recommend Firefox.

What are some of the features of the browser Mozilla Firefox?

You can take a website and put in a bar on the browser and when you want to get to That website or URL, you can just click the website. Also, othe features of Mozilla Firefox is the atonishing fast Internet compared to Internet explorer. You can also set a website as the website that comes up when you open the browser. There are also bookmarks and history, also it remember recently closed tabs.

Is YouTube the type of web browser?

YouTube is not a web browser but a website. Web browsers intercept YouTube as a website.

How is the home page of browser different from the home page of website?

it is different cause the home page of browser is identifying the browser and the home page of website is telling the web.

What is browser cookies in chrome?

Cookies is a small part of website that is sent to the browser. It improves the performance of the browser.

How is the web browser used?

Browser is used by typing in the URL of the website. The browser converts it to IP Address and brings it to the user.

How too upgrade my browser?

You can upgrade the browser of the installation page. You can go on its website and update it.

What is main difference between googl and Google Chrome?

Google is a website and Chrome in a browser. A website can be run in a web browser for user's purpose.

Where can you play Grand Chase Online on your Web Browser or download it on your mobile phone?

You cannot, only dowload it off the website. A-Cha Cha!

How do you take the purple writing off on google?

The colour of the type displayed in your browser is a choice you make in the Settings menu.

What is the role of web browser?

A server contains the content of a website. A web browser is used by someone to connect to the server and retrieve a copy of the website from the server for viewing.

Is it possible to delete a video off of a website without being the one who uploaded it if so how?

No it is impossible to delete a video that is not yours unless you report it to the website and then the website can take it off.

What is difference between browser and website?

A browser a "program" that you use to view websites.....without the web browser you would not be able to view websites on the Internet

Can you block adult sites on Gmail?

You cannot block sites on Gmail as it is not a browser. You can block sites on browser. Gmail itself is a website running on browser.

What movie website work on skyfire browser?

Was is the url of a website?

The web address that appears in your browser.

How do you get a business to take your personal information off their website?

threaten to sue and if they still dont take it off then you should actually sue them

What is the relationship that exisits among website webpage and web browser?

A website can consist of many web pages. A browser is the piece of software that lets you view web pages.

What is the role of web browser and server?

A server contains the content of a website. A web browser is used by someone to connect to the server and retrieve a copy of the website from the server for viewing.

Where can you play free online games in browser games?

You can play free online in browser games at many website just google them but i use a website called =]

How can you restrict a web browser to only one website?

To restrict a web browser to only one website, you can edit the hosts file in Windows to route domains differently.

What are the importance of the web browser?

The web browser allow you to view and interact on websites. It is the link between a website and your eyes.

What is a web browser and why you would use it?

usually a web browser is if you ask to go to a certain website it will search the internet to find that website. That's a web search. A web browser is something like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox...

Can you take the housing off the blackberry?

You can take the housing off but it involves taking your whole phone apart try looking on a blackberry website :)