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Q: How do you take care of Persian cats?
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How do cats take care of their young ones?

cats take care of their kittens by feeding them milk.they clean them by licking them.

Where do people let Persian cats live?

Persian cats usually are home cats. They are not out door cats.

Where are Persian cats from?

Persian cats come from Persia, modern day, Iran.

Do male cats take care of their young?


If cats are cats why are cats cats?

yes they are good pets. They are cute a cuddley and they are easy to take care of.

How do you take care of a cats bullet wound?

Take them to the vet.

Are Persian cats domestic?

Yes, Persian Cats are domestic, which means they are kept as pets.

Why Persian cats are given this name?

the are called persian cats because, the were originated from persia

Is Persian cats related to other cats?

Of course! Persian cats are related to other cats,they are just a specific brand of cat out of the hundred kinds of cats.

Are dogs easier to take care of than cats?

Cats are harder to take care of dogs they can be trained really well in a short amount of time cats its the other way around

Do cats take care of their young?

Yes , as always

Do cats take care of them selves?

all animals can take care of them selfs. (I mean wild animals)

What do you like better cats or dogs?

I like cats because they are easier to take care of.

Are Persian cats very hard to take care of?

They're just like normal cats and don't need "extra care" or "extra attention." They have just as big of a responsibility as normal cats. Make sure your Persian cat is well taken care of with the normal food, water, and shelter. Add some fun things with your cat. I have a Persian cat named Marta, and except for the long hairs that trail across our house, she's easy. put some necessary things inside your cats litter and home cage like: fuzzy towels underneath litter near to make your cat comfortable and homey and be able to trust you.

What is the origin of the Persian cat?

Persian cats are from Persia (Iran).

Why are cats so independent?

Cats are independent because they were once in the wild and cats are better at hunting, so they do not depend much on humans on their food. there is a saying that goes " dogs have masters, cats have staff. '' that's why dogs are easier to train, but cats are easier to take care of. there are some cats that do like attention, like a Persian cat, but they were bred to be that domestic.

Sinus tumors in cats?

This is a disease for your vet to take care of.

How many cats to get?

it depends on how many there are and how many you can take care of

What does a pigeon need to stay alive?

Take care of cats

Do Persian cats easily get angry?

No, Persian cats are known for being calm and they don't get angry very fast.

How do cats make you happy?

Cats can take care of themselves while you are gone, and they can make you laugh by what they do.

Can fisher cats be pets?

Yes! Fisher cats can be pets. But they are difficult to take care of. At least they are for me.

Do frogs or cats care for their offspring the most?

Cats care for their offspring far more than frogs do. Frogs do not care for their offspring at all. Cats, being mammals, feed their offspring milk, and take care of them while they are kittens.

Are cats racist towards Persian cats?

NO! Cats do not feel such emotions as racism, and if one cat doesn't like a Persian cat there is another reason.

How do you take care of a tabby cat?

Tabby Cats need the same care as normal cats! Food, water, and lots of cuddles and attention :)