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I have a pet rabbit and they are super super easy to take care of

They generally only last for about 4-6 years if they live outdoors due to the climate. My rabbit lives inside which is a lot better for their health and he is 8 1/2 years old today!

When they get bored of their cage, take them outside on a specially designed rabbit leash (which you can get from pretty much any pet shop) or let them roam the house, but make sure that you watch over them carefully as they love to get into miscuing :)

Depending on what type of rabbit you have, it is best to keep it in a large-ish cage. Remember a small rabbit such as a Netherland dwarf (which is the easiest to take care of) doesn't need a palace as a cage as it should be given plenty of time to run around.

Rabbit's hate routines. If they are let out at the exact same time every day they get bored. If for some reason they don't get let out at that same time they freak out. It's a good idea to mix up the time when your rabbit is let out, within a 2-3 hour time frame. If they can run around more than once (say in the morning an afternoon on weekends) they would love it but as long as they are let out they don't really mind

Watching a rabbit run around is fun at first but can get boring after a few weeks, so after they trust you, start playing games with them. Same rabbit's love playing with those mice things that are meant for cats. You put it on the ground next to the rabbit, and it may pick it up and thrash it around. Eventually (mine did) it may hand it to you, but don't worry if they don't.

You can also put a light blanket over it and watch it find it's way out.

Have fun playing with your rabbit, and it will love you no matter where it's hutch is. But an indoor hutch is definetly better, away from birds and stray cats, and out of the freezing cold and boiling hot.

P.S. don't worry if it's like 2 o'clock in the morning and your rabbit's not asleep. Rabbits will go to sleep when everyone in the house is in bed and the noise is at a minimum. If you get up in the middle of the night and it's awake, it probably heard you get up. But occasionally they do sleep when everyone's around, but they sleep standing up with their eyes open. You can tell because they breathe more through the chest and their nose doesn't twitch as much


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How do you take care of a sick rabbit?

Take him/her to the vet...

What does a rabbit want?

A rabbit wants food, shelter and owners that will take care of them.

How does a rabbit take care of their kits?

They love them and feed them.

How do you take care of foxgloves?

wrap them in rabbit fur

What rabbit is the easiest to take care of?

the cartoon kind

What is the best way to take care of your rabbit?

Good nutrition

Is it easier to take care of a rabbit or a guinea pig?


How do you take care of grr the rabbit?

all you need to do is give the rabbit it's space and it won't growl at you.

How do you raise an abandoned cottontail rabbit?

You can take care of it really well

Is it hard to take care of an indoor rabbit?

Rabbits are not overly difficult to care for, but that doesn't mean they are easier than a cat or a dog. I suggest reading about rabbit care on a website like

Is a rabbit or a chinchilla easier to take care of?

I have never owned a chinchilla but I do have three rabbits.two of which are babies.From what I have learned about rabbits they are very easy to take care of if you take care of them the right way.

How do you take care of a baby rabbit that has a cut and you can see his insides but he is not dead?

Take him to the vet, please.

Who can care for your rabbit when you are away?

You can have a relative or friend take care of your rabbit. Some pet stores offer animal boarding services, so they could take care of it. Make sure you write a list of how to care for your rabbit to give to the person who will take care of it. Here are some things you should list: * How much hay to feed it * How many fruits or vegetables each day * What kind of veggies or fruits * How many pellets you feed it * How often to clean the bedding * How often(if needed) they should brush the rabbit * How much bedding to put in * How much exercise the rabbit needs each day * Where you exercise your rabbit

How do you prevent rabbit mites?

Soak the rabbit in Diet Coke, then let dry. That will take care of the problem 99% of the time.

Do you assist a rabbit giving birth?

no, leave her alone and she'll take care of them

What are rabbits health and disease?

Go to google and type "rabbit diseases". Then you will find a website with a big white rabbit. They will tell you ALL the diseases. Most of those cases are very rare. Unless, that is, if you don't care about your rabbit at all.There are so many RARE diseases that it will take ages to put on this answer! Bye! ( PS, adopt a rabbit do not breed! And take care of your rabbit!) :-I

What is the life span of a Dwarf Rabbit?

10 to 15 years if you take good care of it

What is the lifespan of a Dutch house rabbit?

bout 15 years if you take good care of them :)

What kind of rabbit to get?

you should get a normal house hold bunny they are easy to take care of.

What do you do when domestic rabbits are born?

Let the mother rabbit take care of everything. She knows what to do.

Your rabbit is really injured and you cant afford to take care of it anymore is there someone who can come and pick it up?

I would suggest you contact your local vet who will be able to help you find someone to take your rabbit and care for her properly. Please make sure your rabbit has treatment, it is unfair to leave an animal in pain...

How do you take care of lost rabbits?

If the rabbit is grown, take care of it just as you would if you had brought it home yourself. If the rabbit is a baby, it will have the best chance of survival if you give it to a wildlife rehabber or someone from a rabbit rescue organization. Baby rabbits are very difficult to hand-raise, especially if you don't have experience.

Is it illegal for a guy to kill a rabbit with poison just because the rabbit ate his tomatoes?

There's no way to answer that question because laws vary from region to region. To determine the laws that apply to you, contact your government. Killing the rabbit over tomatoes is not justified. Take the rabbit to someone who can take care of him, or use a live trap and take the rabbit away from the tomatoes. Killing the rabbit is morally wrong.

How long will rabbits take care of their young?

A rabbit will look after their young until their eyes are opened. A rabbit will look after their young until their eyes are opened.

How do you take care of rabbit eggs?

Rabbits don't lay eggs. However, always make sure you have fresh water if you want a healthy rabbit!