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Drink clean water and lose weight...

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Q: How do you take care of your liver?
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Why is it important to take care of your liver?

The liver is responsible for some vital tasks like detoxification and producing certain chemicals needed for digestion. Hugh Laurie in House once said "You can't live without a liver. Hence the name." This is true. You need your liver to survive, and unlike the kidneys, the functions of the liver can not be maintained via machines. Liver transplants can be done, but transplant lists have hundreds and hundreds of people in need of a liver, many in critical condition. The point is you can't depend on a liver transplant to fix your liver problems. It's easier to take care of it than have to face the ramifications of not taking care of it. You don't necessarily have to take special steps to take care of your liver, though it wouldn't do much harm if you did. All you need to do is avoid gratuitous drinking, too much fats, etc. Basically all you need to do is have a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

What can cod liver oil be used for?

Cod liver oil is used to improve your health and particularly to help with bone and joint care. The omega3 in the cod liver oil is particularly good for joint care but it tastes awful so you are best to take it in the form of a capsule

Is it ok to take birth control pills if you have liver lesions?

That depends on liver function and the nature of the lesion. Talk with your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.

Will fatty liver recover when you quit drinking?

If you take care of your health otherwise, and especially if you lose weight, it will improve to a degree.

After care of lacerated liver?

After care for a lacerated liver includes bed rest, checking the liver's functionality, and closely monitoring for secondary infections. This is a serious medical condition which can quickly lead to death if not treated properly.

Why the liver is very important organ how does it help the body?

Yes the liver is important to the body because it helps clean the blood in your body so that's why you need to take good care of your body Thank you for your cooperation

How do you care for baby chimpanzee?

you stab them to death and then eat their liver.

How do you reduce an enlarged liver?

once the liver is enlarged, you will need a doctor's care, this means special diets, no booze and medication

Is liver cancer curable?

Of course. All cancer is curable, but only if you take care of it at its earliest. If the cancer goes without being treated then it will be harder to get rid of.

Ways to take care your excretory system?

There isn't such. however there are organs that eliminate wastes such as. renal, lungs, liver, and sweat glands. However these organ are part of systems. urinary, respiratory, digestive, and endocrine system. Sweat glands do their own things however the best way to take care of these guys is through diet and hydration and exercise and stop smoking. The liver is our powerhouse okay? Avoid taking in any toxins. such as antibiotics, NSAIDS, street drugs. The liver is our filter.

What are facts about kids about the liver?

The liver is the largest organ and the most important organ because it holds all of your waste and poisons from mediation. just to care of your live are you can get liver cancer.

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