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how do you remove dash from a 2000 Pontiac grand prix se

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How do you take apart 2002 grand prix dashboard?

A 2002 Grand Prix dashboard is held on by several mounting screws and clips. Find all the screws and remove them. Take the dash and pull it back.

What kind of refrigerant does a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix SE take?

all newer vehicles take r134a refrigerant.

Where did formula 1 car rasing take place in 2011?

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How hard is it to change a heater core on a 1990 grand prix?

Pretty difficult you will more than likely take have to take the whole dash out... It will be an all day job

How do you replace the temperature sensor on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Losen the exhaust cross over and take off temp sensor

Where does the grand prix gxp take place this year?

The Grand Prix gxp is not a racing event; therefore it has no specific location. The Grand Prix gxp is an automobile manufactured by Pontiac an American car maker.

What gas do 2004 grand prix Gt take?

My 2004 Grand Prix GT2 runs on 87 octane just fine.

When is the Monaco Grand Prix 2013?

This year the Monaco Grand Prix will take place from the 23-26 May in Monte Carlo.

How do you take part in a Western Grand Prix competition on howrse?

The Western Grand Prix hasn't opened yet. It will be started on "Monday" (in California we start after 4 on Sunday) just like the Classical Grand Prix.

How do you tell where the power steering fluid is leaking on a 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix?

if its leaking dont try and stop it yourself take it to a body shop it is probably the steering rack. i just had that problem with my 2000 grand prix and it ran me about 600 dollars.

How do you take your 2000 Pontiac grand prix out of overdrive?

There should be a button either on the side or on top of the gear shifter, just push the button

Were will the 2009 Italian grand prix take place?


Headlights turn on when emergency break is released on 2003 Grand Prix How do you turn this feature off?

you take out the DRL fuse under the dash. that's the daytime running lights.

How much does it cost to recharge a car battery for a 2000 Pontiac grand prix?

Take the battery to autozone or kragen auto parts and they will charge it for free.

Which circuit does the san marino grand prix take place?

The San Marino Grand Prix takes place in Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari.

How do you replace a bulb in 2000 Grand Prix foglight?

you half to go under the front end and undo the wires then take the old bulb and put the new one in

What city does Spanish Grand Prix usually take place?

Barcelona, Spain

Do you need to take out the engine to replace power steering pump in a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT what is easiest way?

No, you can cant the engine forward to gain access to the pump.

Does the 2005 Grand Prix Gtp need Premium fuel?

Your Grand Prix GTP needs to take Premium fuel only if it is supercharged, but you can also look it up in ypur oners mannul

How do I replace a heater core for 1995 Pontiac grand am?

it is located behind the dash. an you have to take the dash apart to get to it

Blower motor replacement 2000 grand prix?

take out carpet under glove box. look under glove box. there should be three screws to take out and then just pull out the old blower motor.

Has anyone tried to take a a 3400 from a 1999 grand am and put it in a 1995 grand prix if so what kind of problems did you run into The grand prix had a 3100.?

yes you can use the 3400 in your car if it has the 3100 in it, just take the intake off of the 3100 and use it on the 3400 and install back into the car. works fine, i just done it to my 1999 grand prix, it gave it more power and the CPU will adjust the settings for you.

Where is the ECM on a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix?

the ecm for a 1998 grand prix is in the air intake box. it is pretty simple to get out, take a look if you need more help e-mail me

Was is the name of the only formula one Chinese driver?

Ma Qinghua is the only Chinese driver to take part in a Grand Prix weekend. He was the Friday test driver at the 2013 Chinese Grand Prix.

How do you Change transmission filter 2001 grand prix gtp?

what is the part no# for a replacement transmission filter, for a 2001 Pontiac gtp grand prix . Also how much transmission fluid does it take to change.thank you Tim