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get the girls to move and have the dog dig it up then move your mouse like your trying to take it out

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How do you take out the time capsule in poptropica?

At the end of Big Nate Island, when the Time Capsule is discovered, it seems to not want to come out of the ground. In fact, it never comes completely out of the hole. When you see the shiny "gold" or "brass" button, press it to open the Capsule.

What is a Poptropica quest?

A quest on poptropica is like a quest in real life. Your main objective in Poptropica is usually to find and/or save someone or something.Take the island Big Nate for example, your quest is to find the time capsule and save the school.

How do you take out the time capsule after the dog digs it out on Big Nate Island?

This is tricky, but you can't take the time capsule completely out of the hole. Lift it as high as it will go, then press the shiny clasp.

How do you get under the playground on Big Nate island?

To get under the playground you have to use the crackers to bring the dog over to dig the hole. After this you will find the time capsule and Nate will take the credit.

How do you take the time capsle out of the ground on big nate island?

You can't. You can only get the capsule out so far. Once it reaches it full length, you have to click on the button. The chest will open and you receive your medallion.

How do you get makeup under your eyes in Poptropica?

You can take appearances, costumes and jewelry from any interactive character on Poptropica (except on Big Nate Island). The makeup is probably on the woman at the top of Blue Nile Falls. (see related question)

What do you do after the dog digs a hole in poptropica?

you can't take the time capsule completely out of the hole. Lift the time capsule as high as it will go, then press the shiny clasp.

Is shrinkray island in Poptropica hard?

Shrink Ray island is not hard on poptropica. It could take about 1-2 hrs.

How do you get the dog on big nate to come with you?

you cant take the dog. the dog can only help you dig up the time capsule

How do you get the thing stuck under the rock on big nate island?

The thing stuck under the rock is the map to the location of the Time Capsule, which you will need before you start trying to dig it up. Slide the seals to the left side of the rock to take it out. (The Time Capsule is buried where the girls are standing in the Playground.)

How do you get the spade on Poptropica Big Nate?

You don't need to get it. You beat Nate at "Go to Jail" (found in "Kids Only" clubhouse at the top of the playground). He will give you peanut butter crackers. Take them to the playground location where you wish to dig and use them. The dog will come and bury them, i.e. dig a hole. This will unearth the capsule. (see related question)

How can you get to shark tooth island?

Take the Poptropica blimp from any other island.

Where are all the teachers on poptropica big nate?

There are no teachers. The only one there will take you into the detention room when you chew the gum.

How do you get the bow on Poptropica?

You have to take it off someone in spy island

How long does the DNA exractor take on Poptropica?

just look up cryptids island walkthrogh poptropica

How do you get to Mythology Island poptropica?

Take the blimp until you see Mythology Island, then land the blimp there.

How do you get to early Poptropica?

Take the blimp from any island's main street to reach the island map. On the island, Early Poptropica village is to the right of Main Street.

How do get out of the early poptropica island after you get your medallion?

Go to the main street and take the blimp to go to another island.

How do you use the stink bomb in big nate poptropica?

Take the stink bomb to the school chew some gum get caught go in detention click on the stink bomb and let it sit on the floor go down the filing cabinet to your right get the bell thing shine the light on the light house at the [there is no way to get past it otherwise] put the bell thing on the top the girls will move put a peanut butter cracker were they were standing spitsy will dig there and the time capsule get big nate island medalion.

Where do you take the treasures on poptropica haunted island?

first take them to the ghost cat then to the statue outside

How do you take photos on poptropica?

u have to complet a island and u can take a phote but it has to be on the island and it will tall u the photes u can take but u can not take bab or inapropret

What do you do after the girls on big nate island?

You need the peanut butter crackers first. If you don't have them, then you should go to the playground and climb up to the kid's clubhouse and play the go to jail game with big nate. After that, you need to go down to where the girls were standing and get the dog to dig there by bribing it with the crackers. It might take a few tries, but you will eventually get the time capsule and open it.

What do you do after the girls come in from recess on big nate island?

Once you have the map from the seal island, and the peanut butter crackers from playing Hangman (Go To Jail) against Nate, you can use Spitsy the dog to dig up the Time capsule, which is right where the girls were standing, in the open section of the playground. Place the crackers on the ground, then click on the box when it comes into view. You can't take it all the way out : just click on the shiny clasp to open it.

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