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how to take pics of ur msp

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Q: How do you take pictures of your moviestar on msp?
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How do you put a movie on MSP TV on moviestar planet?

You make your video (Obviously) Then you put it on Youtube xx Finally Send The Video To MSP xx

How do you make Movie Star Planet msp tv video?

First you have to program the movie maker on to your computer and add music from it then you can take pictures of your moviestar and then put them on your story board after you're done with that you can edit it all together and then post it to post it you edit it altogether like I said then it will let you post it

How do you go the map on moviestar planet?

just log in then go to something then to get back just press backthen your at the msp map

Who is Ishacool?

Ishacool is a moviestar on msp that is at the highscores on uk she is very mean because if you are her friend and don't comment on her movies she deletes you all she wants is attention

What do you do when someone in MSP steals your account?

You call the MSP number and they will take care of it

Is pandy polo staff on msp?

no pandy polo is ishacool's other account and ishacool is not staff ishacool was the first vip and first moviestar to get to level 25 ishacool is a big show off

What is moviestar planet?

Moviestar planet is a website that you use to pretend you are a moviestar.

Is moviestar planet a virus?

No, Moviestar Planet is not a virus.

When was Jeannie Moviestar created?

Jeannie Moviestar was created on 2008-05-05.

How to make on msp tv video obn moviestarplanrt?

Well it matters do you have movie maker (windows movie maker) I have made msp tv but tit didnt have my msp character dani rock moving i took pictures and put them together on Windows movie maker added music .I do know how to make msp tv move but it has this horrible sign at the side i wish some one will just tell me how to make msp tv move without the ridiculous sign

When was Moviestar - Stereophonics song - created?

Moviestar - Stereophonics song - was created on 2004-02-09.

Is the person who made msp on msp?

nizar boy13