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use finger polish remover just not to much or it will ruin the picture

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โˆ™ 2006-04-14 23:27:34
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Q: How do you take sticky tack off of photos?
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Is sticky tack an eraser?

No. Sticky tack is not an eraser. it is not made out of gum, off of a gum tree. which sticky tack lacks.

How do you take of sticky tack from a rolling chair?

Try Goof Off on a rough cloth.

Can blue sticky tack be removed off brick walls?


How do you clean blue tack off paint?

Eucalyptus oil will remove most sticky substances from surfaces

How do you clean blue sticky tack off bricks after you remove posters?

Goo Gone works well for that.

Does blue tack ruin walls?

i would proably say no because i have sticky tack on my wall and when we paint my dad is going to sand it to get it off or use a mr.clean magic eraser and maybe a pain scarper!!!!!!!! if you have any other ideas of getting blue sticky tack off unpainted walls please email me at

How do you make sticky tack sticky again?

In order to make sticky tack sticky again, You have to completely clean it. You first make sure all the dust and dirt is off the product. Then you wash it with soap and water. After you get all the residue off, dry it with a clean towel. This should make the sticky tack sticky again.

What if you take ghost armour off the phone is the phone sticky afterwards and how can you take it off?

Your phone will not be sticky, I peeled mine off

Are laptop skins sticky?

Yes, laptop skins made by manufacturer like are sticky. They are made with a low tack adhesive vinyl. This allows the skin to stick to your laptop without randomly coming off while make sure it will not damage your laptop when you decide to take the skin off.

Will rubbing alcohol take the sticky off of a screen protector?

Yes, using rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or swab will take the sticky off of a screen protector.

How do I remove sticky blue-tack from upholstery?

freeze the tack with ice to be able to scrape the most of it off. Mineral oil will remove the rest of it...but watch it, it will stain. Check for colorfastness. Remove the mineral oil with common upholstry cleaner.

How do you take sticky grip off of a hockey stick?

goop remover

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