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Take it to a gunsmith

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Q: How do you take the barrel off of a excel single barrel shotgun?
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How do you remove ignition barrel from 1996 Hyundai Excel?

Take to the Mechanic .... LOL

Lock tight on a double barrel shotgun?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! Take it to a gunsmith for proper repair.

How do you take barrel off savage mod 30?

If you have a Model 30 pump shotgun, the barrel is not intended to be removed by the user. To do so requires specialized tools such as a receiver block and a barrel wrench. You can clean and lube the shotgun with the barrel attached to the receiver. Contact Savage Arms Customer Service and get an owner's manual for your shotgun.

What is a bore on a shotgun?

Bore is the number of lead spheres the diameter of the barrel it would take to equal one pound. Ergo, the larger the bore, the smaller the barrel.

How can you tell the designer of an Ithaca double barrel shotgun?

By designer are you asking what Model it is? If so, the Model can be determined by the serial number, which is located on the barrel flats and the forend. You have to take the barrel off the receiver to see them.

How old is a model 385 double barrel hammerless Stevens shotgun?

1910, give or take a few years.

How do you remove the bolt on a model 18D springfield 12 gauge shotgun?

take out the scew on the bottom side of the barrel

How old is a 12 gauge pump action shotgun with National Firearms Company on the side of the barrel?

100yrs give or take

How do you know the choke on a laurona side by side shotgun?

Should be stamped on the barrel, if not, you should take it to a competant gun smith to have it checked

Can someone tell why my 16 gauge champion single barrel shotgun that you have completely disassembled why you can not find a serial number curious as to the time frame it was made between?

Serial numbers were not required before 1968. Turn of the century give or take a decade or two.

How do you take apart a steven model 311 12 gauge double barrel shotgun?

There should be a screw or release lever under the forearm of the gun. Once you release that you should be able to remove the barrel.

When was the Hopkins and Allen 12 gauge single shotgun made?

1900, give or take a couple of decades