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How do you take the dash out of a 1995 Buick Lesabre?

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2015-07-16 19:29:00
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Hey krystal==This is a VERY BIG JOB. I suggest you take it to a auto trim shop. GoodluckJoe

Hey I own a 1995 Presidential, to remove the dash I know as far as the front plate that trimes out the radio and controls is mostly clips that u can pop out but first there are Philips head screws in each vent. If u look at the top of the vent(inside the vent) at the top u will find a screw. After you take those out , it's clips on the top of the dash, u get the top to pop out pull firm but with caution. Then u tip the top away lifting it up and the bottom, it lifts right out. when u go to put it back in place use tape such as electrical or masking tape. Tape over the screw hole in the inside of each vent pop the screw in the tape to help u put the screws back in. Good Luck!!!

P.S.Shift on the column in 1st, and tilt your steering wheel all the way down to finish getting it out.


First, you'll need to remove the wood trim from the dash. It is held in by a series of clips, so it's just a matter of carefully popping the trim out. Once the wood trim pieces are removed, next you'll remove the vents from the black trim of the dash. Turn them all the way to one side and pull as best as you can. They will pop out (although you might need a screwdriver to wedge in behind if they don't come right out). Removing the wood trim and vents will reveal approximately 10 (don't recall the exact #) torx head screws. Remove those, and then you can remove the black dash panel (you might need to shift the car into neutral to get the panel out). Then, the radio will be exposed. Remove the two remaining screws and then the radio. The plugs clip in and can be stiff to remove. From there, connect your new radio (if it's factory, just plug it in) and then reassemble the dash.

Although after reading the answer above me, I am thinking they might be Phillips head. Either way, there are screws to remove...

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The dash cluster needs repair. This is not a DIY job. Take it to a dealership.

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