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How do you take the rear coil springs off on a Cadillac catera?


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there is not one it has air ride

dont listen to this guy he doesnt have a clue.what you need to do is jack both sides of the care up.take tires off.put a jack under the rear diferential.take out the two bolts on each side of the diferential.they are towards the back end of it then look up and their they are.after all four of those bolts are out of the diferential take the bolts out of the bottom of both shocks.their is a arm that hangs down and is the same on both sides take the bottom bolt out of the arm on both side.then lower your jack under the rear differential and the springs will come right out.just put the new springs in you may have to take a pry bar ande just pry down a little to get them in,after they are in just put everything back together the way you took it apart.its very easy and should take you no longer then 2 hours to do.good luck...also you do not need a spring compressor at all.