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ask her to tell you secrets, and get her to tell u naughty ones then, bang the poop out of her ;)

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How do you get a girl to talk dirty?

Get her drunk

How so you talk dirty to a guy that you like?

guy: lets talk dirty girl: ok my bathroom floor is pretty dirty want to scrub it for me guy: lets talk dirty girl: ok ;) i fell in mud this morning guy: send me a dirty pic ;) girl: ok ;D *sends a picture of dirt from outside* honestly be smart and dont they just want to have sex with you....its not worth it

How do you make a girl horny through text?

Talk Dirty to her.

Why do boys talk dirty with a girl?

Because they are horrible and Dumb.

Do girls like to talk dirty?

well every girl is different. I suggest you should take the risk in talking dirty with some girl you will either get slapped or get a reply. But please it is quite offensive for a guy to talk dirty to a girl and they dont like it so just be careful.

How do you get a drunk girl to talk dirty you?

If you're struggling with this, chances are she isn't drunk enough. Just start talking dirty to her.

If he teases you and talk dirty does he like you?

Depends on his age - if he is young then probably yes, he is not sure how to talk to a girl so talks dirty. If he is more aged then it shows he doesn't have much respect for you.

How do you talk dirty?

Even though it's not nice to talk dirty, it depends on which dirty. So until you tell me which dirty you are talking about, I cannot answer.

What does it when your boyfriend is too nervous to talk dirty?

try and snog him then that is a sign to talk dirty

Does guy like when girls talk dirty?

you should talk dirty and find out.....stupid

How can a girl make a guy horny?

dirty talk, masterbation, things such as these. Answer 2: A girl can't make a guy horny. only a guy can make a girl horny

How do you talk dirty in bed?

if your a guy then take control and do whatever you like she wants you to. If your a girl then make him invited into your pussy!

What is the duration of Talk Dirty To Me Part III?

The duration of Talk Dirty To Me Part III is 1.5 hours.

How to arouse sexually to a girl in chat talk?

first flirt her, then talk dirty, make her total frank about everything. then tell her what u like in her. what makesu turn on whenu see her

How do you make flirting more edgy?

act dirty and never seem nervous.... if u want to flirt with a girl for sex talk real dirty to turn them on....i am a girl and i would want a guy to flirt with me more dirtily just to make me horny...

How do you turn on a blackberry?

Talk dirty to it.

How i get my girlfriend to talk dirty to me?

Ask her to.

What is dirty pillow talk?


What websites can you talk dirty?


Do you want girls to talk dirty?

no i do not

What are the ratings and certificates for Talk Dirty - 2003 TV?

Talk Dirty - 2003 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:R

Is there a website like clever bot which talks dirty?

It is possible that there is a website that has applications that allow a user to talk to applications like Cleverbot dirty. Cleverbot does not talk "dirty", but can be a little flirtatious.

Is the video It Girl dirty?


What does cold dust girl mean?

Dirty girl.

How do you say you're a dirty girl in Spanish?

"Eres una chica sucia" is "you're a dirty girl" in Spanish.