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To talk smite is to talk in an angry voice.

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Q: How do you talk in smite?
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What is verb conjugation of smite?

smite smite smite smite smite smite smote

What is a meaning of smote?

of Smite, of Smite, imp. (/ rare p. p.) of Smite.

What is the meaning of smote?

of Smite, of Smite, imp. (/ rare p. p.) of Smite.

Does smite work on players in minecraft?

If you're talking about the smite enchantment, then no. Smite affects Zombies and Skeletons.

What is an antonym for smite?

The word "aid" is an antonym of smite.

What is the future tense of smite?

I will smite you and after I have smote you, you will have been smitten.

How do you use the word smite in a sentence?

Smite him repeatedly about the head and shoulders!

What smite 1 is in Minecraft?

the smite enchantment in minecraft makes it so your sword does extra damage do zombies, skeletons and pigmen.

Can God smite people?

God can do anything but there are things he chooses not to do such as smite people

What does smite in minecraft do?

It makes lighting hit the player that you entered into the /smite command

What is a sentence using smite?

I heard the Renaissance actor say, "I will smite thee on your face!"

What does smite do in mine craft?

Smite is an enchantment applied to swords. It increases the damage done to undead creatures.

What is calling on god to do harm to someone?

To smite. example: please smite the cat next door.

What does the smite enchantment for swords do in minecraft?

Smite increases damage against zombies, skeletons and zombie pigmen.

What does smite do on Minecraft?

Smite is an enchantment you can put on swords. With it, you can do extra damage to zombies, zombie pigmen, and skeletons.

What is the meaning og smote?

smote is the past tense of smite. to smite means to hit (or to kill).

How do you use smite in a sentence?

In ancient Greek myths the gods would smite those who displeased them.

What did God tell Deborah?

Smite your

What does smite do in Minecraft?

It makes lighting hit the player that you entered into the /smite command

What actors and actresses appeared in The Smite of Conscience - 1917?

The cast of The Smite of Conscience - 1917 includes: Helen Greene Earl Metcalfe

How do you smite another player on minecraft?

To smite (kill) another player, you first have to be in melee range of them. Then simply attack them by left clicking until they die.

How could you use smite in a sentence?

After being granted Godlike powers in a freak accident at the laboratory, there was nothing left to do but smite those who had wronged me in my childhood.

How do you play smite on a mac?

you can't

Clobber in The Bible?

it means smite

What is the synonym of the word smite?