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How do you talk to someone you like?

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Just be yourself. Don't try to impress this person by being someone you think they would like. If they don't like you for you then they are not worth your time!!!

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How do do you get someone to like you?

talk to them

How should you talk to Debby Ryan if you really like?

Like you would talk to someone u like

How do you talk to a guy who knows you like him but he thinks your ugly and likes someone else?

Easy , You don't talk to him. he doesn't like you oh well move on someone else will. theres someone for everybody.

What to talk for someone you like?

just talk to them say hi i think your in my class or something..........................

What means to communicate?

communicate means like talk someone from phone or computer and talk to them

What should you do if you like someone in school?

Talk to them. Simple as that.

How can you forget about someone you like?

Honestly its very hard...... try thinking of someone else you like and talk less about them.....

Every time you date someone you feel like you have nothing to talk about with them what should you do and what should you talk about?

what ever u like

What can you do if you like someone and they kinda like you too but this person also likes someone better?

you can talk to the other person and talk to him and go from there it is better to tell him now for him to find out later

Getting someone to talk to you if they hate you?

if someone hates you why would you want to talk to them? it's dumb. they dont like you. if your someone who wants everyone to like you, knock it off. in your life someones gonna hate you eventually!

How can you let someone know you like him or her without talking to him or her?

You don't want to talk to him or her... but you like them? Um... probably not a good sign. If you like someone, you should definitely go and talk to them - start a converstaion and get to know them.

What do you when you like someone and you dont have the guts to talk to them?

Ask your friends to talk to them or leave them a note or somthin

How do you get a girl to like you when she likes someone else that doesnt like her?

All girls are different, but if you want her to like you be nice to her, and talk like you talk with your best friend.

If you like someone and he doesn't like you back what sould you do?

tell him you like him. and if he doesn't like you back then you shouldn't talk to him. tell him you like him. and if he doesn't like you back then you shouldn't talk to him.

What if someone wont talk to you?

They probably don't like you. Sorry!!

How do you do ask out someone even though they like your friend?

you talk to them and be like what would it be like if we went out

What should you do if you really like someone but they cant seem to get over someone else?

you talk about mccain

Who do you Talk to about some customer service?

I would like to talk to someone who can tell me why a product has been discontinued.

What do you do if your 12 and you like someone and they like you back?

Ask them out . Just talk to them so they can get used to you.

What does the metaphor you are a wall mean?

someone who doesnt react, reply or talk as much as most people, maybe someone lazy and doesnt do much, if you try talking to someone who doesnt talk much, it is like trying to talk to a wall

What if a girl i like doesn't like me?

Just talk to her! Girls often (I am one myself) enjoy having someone to talk to. Joke around. Making someone laugh is probably a good start.

You like a boy but they like someone else what should you do?

Like someone else or talk to him and sooner or later tell him you want him or you think he's cute.

What are some things you can say when trying to get to know someone you like?

First of all say Hi and introduce your self! ------- Then you talk about what they like to talk about.

How do you get guys like Christian beadles?

If you really want someone, just talk to someone who u think is like christian beadles.

What you do when you like someone?

If you like someone you should talk to that person and find out more about him/her. Then if it feels right ask him/her out on a date for diner or a movie.