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The first day or so, I suggest not trying to handle it, let it settle down and have some alone time. Moving them to a new home is stressful, and most likely they will express fear if you force interaction or grab him/her before she even gets to know you. Plus they do what I call nervous poops when you first interact with them; don't get angry though, they are in a new environment and are surrounded with strange smells and sounds which is pretty daunting to a creature who is 100 times smaller than you are.

I had an old article of clothing (like a shirt) that has my scent on it and I left it in their cage for 2-3 days. They will soon familiarize themselves with your smell and realize that the creature who is handling them poses no threat. Every time you pass their cage or are around them, talk in a calm voice to them. Any sort of pleasant and soft voice, and talk often around them so they get used to you.

Use cooked chicken, yogurt on a spoon, uncooked oats, cheerios, broccoli, banana slice, apple slice, unsalted peanuts, or something that they seem to want that is relatively healthy to use to bring them to you. First show them that it's in your hand, then move it away slowing causing them to follow what you have that they want. They will eventually venture outside of the cage if they want their treat badly enough. They will soon realize that the you are giving them all these wonderful treats and that you mean no to harm them.

Solitary rats get lonesome fast, but if you can only afford ONE, handle it as much as possible. Gently scoop it out of it's cage (after they are fully awake of course) and let him/her adventure on a bed while your laying on it. They will use your pillows and blankets as caves and tunnels, and use your body as a jungle gym. That or veg out and watch tv with them, as they will most likely perch on your shoulder and nest in your hair. They are very social creatures and need constant company. At LEAST 2-3 hours a day if not more of socialization.

Watch your rat grow and make sure they have plenty of toys as well. Good luck on your lifelong(hopefully) rattie!

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Q: How do you tame pet rats?
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