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It is possible to teach them verbal English but when it comes to writing and reading they have to do learn it in Braille.

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Q: How do you teach English for blind student?
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What is the best way to teach English?

The best way to teach any subject is to observe how the student learns. People learn best if taught with methods that appeal to their learning style.

How can an English course serve your needs as a student?

it can teach u 'ow to spek lyk a proper kidda innit bruv!!

How do you teach the English language to a Korean?

If the student does not know any English you can teach through pictures and body language. If they can speak some, you can use easier words to explain bigger concepts. While teaching in Korea there will always be a Korean/English teacher to help the students understand.

Do you have to be good a languages to be a f exchange student?

No you don't but if you can't talk English they will teach it to you though. But if you know some of the language you can learn more about it, but you need to know some of it to be an exchange student.

How should i record the question and answers to a blind student?

I am not sure what you are asking. A blind student can use a recording to answer questions and have them transcribed to be read. Books are also read onto tape for blind students so they have an oral textbook. Note takers can be assigned for classes and the notes transcribed into Braille for the blind student.

Can you teach a blind person to feel colors?


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What is the Kikuyu word for the English word blind?

Kipofu is the Kikuyu word for the English word blind.

Was Helen Keller the only deaf and blind student at the Perkins institution for the Blind?

No, there are blind and deaf students attending right now.

How long does it take a blind person to become an attorney?

I assume that this is a serious question, my reply would be, as soon as they can get their hands on all law books that are available in Braille & enroll in a college which is liberal enough to accept & teach a blind student. Anything is possible & i wish u all the best.

Did Helen Keller teach at schools?

yes to the deaf and blind

What is 'to teach you' when translated from English to Italian?

"To teach you" in English is per insegnarti in Italian.