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Maybe say that the only reason that you are teasing him is that you kinda like him...hope this helps! :)

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Q: How do you tell a guy you like him after you tease him?
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How do huys tease there mates if they like a guy?

do you mean how do GUYS tease their mates if they like a guy? As in, try to get the guy they like to know they like them? Or make fun of them because they like a guy? be specific.

Can you tell a guy you like him without telling him?

yes... by flirting with a guy

How can you get the crush's name out of a guy?

Tease/Joke/Laugh/Ask it out of him - or tell him about someone you like/liked, and he might say so to.

If your 13 and you want a kiss from a guy you really like what do you do?

Tease him

How do you tell if a guy from your church likes you. You like this guy at your church.He's in youth so you only get to see him every Mondays and Wensdays.How can you tell?

you can tell if he likes you if he: flirts with you, teases you(yes, some guys are like that. they tease te girl that they like), also you can tell if he likes you if he just comes up to you and askes you out.

How can you know he like you when you and him are not close?

You don't have to be close to a guy in order to tell if he like you, he may stare at you, tease you and do all kind of creative things just to get you attention, you'll be able to tell trust me.

How do you tell if a guy fancies you?

Answer: You can tell because the boy will always want to be with you and he'll tease you(try to wind you up)

Will a guy who likes you get angry if you tease him and flirt with him constantly?

don't tease that's not nice, but flirting is fine and he'll like it.

How can you tell if a guy likes you but is embarrassed?

He will blush, and try to make you laugh. He will sometimes tease you too.(:

How do you tease a guy during dirty talks?

Tell him you're so wet and you want to suck him.

Should you be nice to the guy you like or tease him a lot?

If he teases u YES if not NO

How do you know if a guy that you like is flirting with you?

He'll be watching/staring/stalking you. he'll unconsciously be faced towards you. he'll tease you. When he does tease you (hint hint) if you like him you'll like itwhen he teases you.

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