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How do you tell a guy you like you like him?



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What I always do is I ask him who he likes first, just to be safe in case it's not you. And in that case, it does hurt and you will want to go cry. Believe me... happened for about EVERY guy I've liked. If he doesn't like you, then be like, "Oh okay, just wondering" and if he asks who you like, you can tell him the truth or say no one. That's what I've always done. On the other hand, if he has told you he likes you, then tell him the truth, sweetheart!! :) WOW

I am a guy, and I would recommend telling him you like him, if he asks, because he might really like you, but be too afraid of being rejected (like myself).

Thanks for the advice . im in fifth grade and it might seem pathetic but im sooo scared some one HELP me

If ur scared don't be ok trust bein scared will let u down massively in this situation

i am in yr 7 and i like a dude but he has said he will neva go out wiv me and do u think that makes me scared to ask him well yer it does cause if he said yes then u would be scared cause u have been told by him that he would neva go out wiv u

i will say this if guy/girl become friends wiv them first not too close but close enough that u have a good friendship and if u have good friends let them drop hints to this guy/girl that u like em and see how they react!! Hope this helps

We always hang out with each other but can never tell if we like each other!