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How do you tell adult children they cannot move back in no matter what?


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Be blunt with them if that is how you really feel. Just tell them they are old enough to be on their own and taking care of themselves and it is now your time for an empty nest. Of course, there should also be some extreme cases in which families are meant to help each other out. Like if your adult child has lost his or her job through no fault of their own and are having trouble making rent and thus have to move out of their own home. You wouldn't want them to be homeless would you? You could allow your child to live with you again long enough to get another job as quickly as possible and find a new home on their own. Families should help one another in times of need. But if your adult child is only wanting to live with you to avoid rent, bills, getting job, or to just generally be a lazy mooch, then no, you have every right to bluntly tell him or her that they need to grow up, mature, and be the adult that they are supposed to be and take care of themselves.