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Basically, you can't.

Car tires comes with year of manufacture printed (in code) on them, but no such thing for bicycle tires. What you can do is judge them for dryness, mount& inflate them, and look for cracks.

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Q: How do you tell age of bicycle tires?
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What material is used to manufacture Continental bicycle tires?

The material that is used to manufacture Continental bicycle tires is rubber made from the Uniroyal company or other companies that specializes in supplying rubber for bicycle tires. To get a more specific answer to the question, a visit to the local bicycle shop can render an answer.

Where can one find replacement bike tires?

Bicycle tires can be bought and replaced easily at many biking stores. Bicycle Warehouse, Performance Bike, and Bicycle Tutor all sell replacement bike tires as well as teach one how to replace a bike tire.

What is the width of bicycle tires?

Bicycle tires start at a little over 3/4 inch for high speed racing tires, going up through 1.5 inch for light road going tires to 2.25 inch for knobbly off-road tires.

When do you use a bicycle pump?

When you need to inflate the tires.

How do you tell the age of a western flyer bicycle?

I have vintage 1950 Western Flyer Bicycle but I need to know what year it was made. I would like to sell ti.

Who is the inventor of the Air filled bicycle tire?

Air fille bicycle tires were invented by John Dunlop.

Why are there so many flaws in bicycle tires?

You must be buying cheap tires. I find almost no flaws in bike tires that I use.

Why bicycle tires have small treads?

Not all of them have. Bicycle tires for soft/loose surfaces will have coarse treads and very knobbly patterns.But bicycle made to be ridden on hard surfaces will have very smooth treads.The main reason why car tires for road use have tread patterns at all is to avoid aquaplaning. And due to the shape and size of the contact patch of a bicycle tire, a bicycle can'taquaplane. So small/no treads will do fine.

What is the coefficient of friction for bicycle tires?

twice as much as half of it!

What do bicycle brakes do?

Bicycle brakes allow the rider to slow down in a controlled manner and with out undue wear on the tires.

Is friction increased with inflated tires?

No, when your tire is at the optimum recommended pressure friction is least.- You will notice this most on bicycle tires, when pressure is low, it's harder to pedal. I pump my bicycle tires to 45 psi and have a smooth, fast ride.

Where can one find bicycle tires for sale in Ireland?

Bicycle tires and other bicycle related parts and accessories can be purchased from several different businesses in Ireland. Hartford's, Dublin Bike, XX Cycle, and Nigel's Cycles are just a few of these businesses.