How do you tell if a 11 year old girl loves you?

Im a 11 year old girl i should know that you tell if a girl likes you. She always says, "I Know Who Fancies You.." But never tells you, If you receive a card, they say it's from a Primary 5 or 4 girl, and she saw them, It's A Lie.. Trust Me You Should Get A Friend Of Your's And Her's, Ask them to ask her if she fancies or loves you, they shall report back to you, and if you think she is alright ask her out..... if she askes you out think about it and end up saying yes, don't pouch her heart... If you are friendly with her and don't think she's ugly, don't think she's hot or sexy, if you think she is okay or alright, ask her out stupid... :L This is my description of a pefect 11 year old girl, Brown hair with blonde highlights, ideal size in weight, tall, blue eye's, tanned, and wears hair in a pony-tail, if you know anyone that lookes like this it's strange and weird...... but ASK HER OUT!!!!! 1ove FrOm 1ucy Saxlone.. xx