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There's no way to tell. You must ask the person. Or better yet, leave them be.

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Q: How do you tell if a gay narcissist is pretending to be heterosexual?
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How can you tell if the narcissist is gay?

If he or she dates people of the same sex.

Are males gay or heterosexual?

Some males are gay, but most are heterosexual.

How do you tell if a gay guy is pretending to be straight?

Often you cannot tell. Someone who is gay will tell you at some point if they come to terms with their sexuality--and if you have shown yourself to be someone they can trust with this knowledge.

Do gay people get pregnant?

Yes -- if they have heterosexual intercourse. And a lot of gay people have had at least one heterosexual experience.

How do you know a guy is gay?

You can't tell. That's the truth. gay men are no different from heterosexual men except for who they love. Think of it this way: "Being gay is an orientation, not a personality."

When can you tell if you are gay or lesbian?

Uh...the same way you can tell if you are heterosexual. If you are gay you are a male who is sexually/romantically attracted to other males. If you are a lesbian you are a female who is sexually/romantically attracted to other females.

What is the sexual orientation of Tyson Gay?

Tyson Gay is heterosexual.

Is Zachary Levi gay?

NO. He is definitely a heterosexual.

Is deitrick haddon gay?

no he is heterosexual

Is Andy hurley gay?

No. He is heterosexual.

Is Tim Lincecum gay?

No, he is heterosexual.

Is Alyson Michalka gay?

No, she is heterosexual.

Is Gordon Thomson gay?

no. He is heterosexual

Is a narcissist gay too if you tell him that you are and he says he is glad you told him?

No. The only way he'd be gay is if he were attracted to other men. Simply being glad you told him doesn't make him gay.

What is a heterosexual?

Someone who fancies the opposite gender. So they cant be gay or lesbian if they are heterosexual.

Can a gay person be married to a heterosexual?

Yes, it happens all the time, particularly among closeted gay people who are trying to hide their true orientation. But with more tolerant societies, the incidences of a gay person hiding within a heterosexual marriage are becoming less and less common.

What is the opposite of gay?

I suppose the opposite of gay would be heterosexual ("straight")

Are gay people really gay?

Yes, gay people are really gay. No one benefits from pretending to be gay.

Is it normal for a heterosexual to have gay thoughts?


Is Shawn from Psych gay?

No, Shawn is heterosexual.

Is Eric northman from true blood gay?

No, he's not gay. As he's old, he's likely to have dabbled in experimentation and has discovered that he has a preference for women. As he's over 1000 years old, he's very much comfortable with his sexuality and if needs arise, has no difficulties pretending to be gay. But no, he is a heterosexual vampire man.

Is Aarรณn Miguel Alero Amiliรกn gay?

No he's not gay he's heterosexual

How will you know if a gay is pretending to be a man?

Gay men already are men. They do not pretend.

Is Edward Cullen gay?

The character is written as heterosexual.

Are all people gay?

Most people are heterosexual.