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The most superstitious way, is to get a hammer, and a cowbell, (or a common church bell) and shake the bell and hit it with the hammer at the same time. This, or if you left something there and then come back like 4 min. later and it isn't there, ghosts are very sneaky, so please try the 1st way, or it could be harmful to your health. But mainly, GHOSTS AREN'T REAL, so you don't have to do any of this. And please don't try unless really necessary.! :0 Thanks


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How can you tell when a ghost is in your house?

When you feel a present of a ghost

How do you tell there is a ghost in your house?

buy an app or something

Why did Stewart hamlin write this old house?

How to Tell a Ghost Story Here's how to tell a ghost story? Give any question

How to tell if your being haunted?

If you keep on moving house to house and the ghost is still there, you are haunted.

Do you have to tell a person a ghost is in your house when you buy a house?

Ghosts aren't real, so no you do not.

What is called for ghost house?

We call a ghost house, or a house with a ghost a haunted house.

How do you find the ghost at the grave in haunted house on Poptropica?

To tell you the truth, there is no ghost. It's just Ghouls having a party.

Why is atmosphere of a ghost story important?

If you tell a scary story in a pink house, it is not scary. Tell a ghost story in the dark, in an environment that puts people in an insecure state, for best effect.

Who are the house ghosts in Harry Potter?

The Gryffindor House Ghost is Nearly Headless Nick. The Slytherin House Ghost is The Bloody Baron. The Ravenclaw House Ghost is The Grey Lady. The Hufflepuff House Ghost is the Fat Friar.

How do you get a ghost hunter over to your house?

Lie about seeing a ghost in your house.

What is the duration of Ghost House?

The duration of Ghost House is 1.98 hours.

Can ligers tell ghost stories?

Anyone can tell ghost stories. :D

When was The River House Ghost created?

The River House Ghost was created in 1932.

Was the ghost in your house a ghost mouse?

No your weird

What are the characteristics of Washington Otis in the Canterville Ghost?

he is an american minister he bought ghost house. he was not afraid to live in ghost house

How do you tell if a ghost is in you house?

you feel really cold in a warm room and you start to see whightly transparent figures.

What is a house with a ghost?

A haunted house.

Why do the soldiers guards want to tell about the ghost why?

The soldiers want to tell about the ghost to scare you.

Who is the Hufflepuff house ghost?

The Hufflepuff House ghost is called the Fat Friar.

If a ghost haunts a house and the house is destroyed where does the ghost go?

I think it stays round that area

Ghost that lives in your househow can you get him out?

Yes you can read these steps 1.Tell the ghost to leave you alone. 2. Call the people who search for ghosts. 3. Call the presit to bless your house.\ OR GET OUT OF THERE!

What goes around the house and in the house?

a ghost

What are all the answers to the haunted house on Poptropica?

The object of the Haunted House is to recover 4 treasures hidden in the house. Once you have them, the ghost cat will tell you how to use them. (For solutions, see the related questions)

What did Horatio tell Hamlet about the Ghost?

Horatio tell HAmlet that after midnight his father ghost shows up

Does ghost live in your house?

A ghost is the spirit of a dead person and therefore are not alive, so no, ghosts are not in my house.