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I am not a great believer on online relationships for the most part, and it's best to get out and meet the real thing. When you first meet someone online they could be anything .... twice your age, someone preying on another person, etc. Online relationships can work, but the stats are extremely low and, online loves can prove to be extremely dangerous. Humans know more things about someone they care about by facial expressions, the look in their eyes or body language in general. If you can't see, touch or feel, then you are hooped! I sure hope you get out in the real human world and find someone you can actually have a good relationship with. Good luck Marcy

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Who can help with high interest online savings?

Online savings account interest rates are not fixed, and they change frequently. Online savings accounts can be researched by comparing many different online banks.

Personal interest in a job application?

What does personal interest in an online application means?

How could one get savings account interest rate calculation for free?

You could get the calculation of your interest rate in your savings account online. They have calculators online that can help you find your interest rate.

What interest rates does Military Bank Online offer on their savings accounts?

There are many interest rates offered by Military Bank Online on their savings accounts. The interest rates that Military Bank Online offers on their service accounts are as low as 3%.

What is cyber dating?

Cyber dating is dating online, not actually meeting the person except on the internet. In other words, hooking up with another via the internet.

Is it creepy to ask someone to hang out online you havent seen in person for 10 years?

yes it is creepy

Which online banks have the highest CD interest rates?

Which online banks have the highest CD interest rates? can help you find the best current rates.

What colleges in Florida except correspondence diplomas?

what about a accredited online course, will it except this diploma

Where can one find online interest rates?

There are many websites that offer interest rates online. The best places to check are banking websites, especially banks that are local to the person looking for the interest rates.

Where can I find a decent interest rate calculator online?

The best place to find a decent interest rate calculator online is on the website. There is also a good interest rate calculator at Money Chimp.

Can you read the last song online?

since the book is so new, they havent legally pulished it on websites yet

Will the PS4 online be free?

They havent told us yet, but it was a big seller for ps3, so i assume they will keep it.

How do you know if a guy likes you online and through a text message?

If he is answering, he's got some interest. If he is actually engaging in conversation, either online or through texting, he likes you. And if he is trying to make plans with you, watch out, because he likes you a lot.

Where can I find online information about savings interest calculators?

There are a number of sites available for you to be able to calculate your savings interest. Some of the sites that will be of assistance to you are as well as finance calculators.

Which online bank has the highest cd interest rates?

CD Interest rates change daily. is the best online source for up to date daily information.

Where can I find a simple interest calculator online?

There are many simple interest calculators online that you can find. I found the one at to be simple and accurate.

How can you use interest in a sentence?

I have a particular interest in astrology. A company may try to interest its customers in online shopping. I receive very little interest on money in my checking account.

What is the best interest rate for online credit cards?

You can use certain comparison websites or programs to find the best interest rate for online credit cards. They often specify which one is the best interest rate on their main site.

How can I make big online savings?

You can print coupons from the Internet and use them when you go shopping. There are also online promo codes where you can get a discount when you buy online. For the highest interest rate on your online savings, use an online only bank. They have less overhead, so they can offer more in interest rates. WTDirect, Internet Bank USA and Ally all have high interest rates on savings and CDs.

Where can one check online the free car interest rates?

One can check online at many different websites for free car interest rates. These websites include Consumer Reports Online, ArtsBusXpress, and Bank Rate.

How is reading online different from reading a book?

Well actually, they are both pretty similar, except that reading on-line uses electricity. Reading a book, you have it in your hands, and you can also turn the pages.

Is it free to play ps2 online?

in some parts of the ps2 online it actually is free , i actually herd it somewhere

Where can you listen to Rick Dees?

You can listen to it live online at I am still trying to find the affiliates but I havent been as lucky.

Where can I find online information about interest only calculators?

You can find information about interest only calculators at the following

Where can one find online savings account interest rate for UK banks?

One can find online savings account interest rate for UK banks from Moneysupermarket, Love Money and Money websites. One can use these sites to compare the different interest rates for the saving account for UK banks online.