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How do you tell if a guy likes you if he is very shy and has hardly spoken to you?


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2005-09-15 19:14:32
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Myself, I love shy men. They take things slow and easy, and they don't have "ego" tattooed on their foreheads. Once shy men get use to the woman they are with they can be much more passionate than the guy that goes around telling all his buddies what a great lover he is. This modern society thinks they know everything and that they are free to do as they want, but there are consequences with every action we take. I love the good old fashioned guys and even some of my very young female friends tell me they are sick of all the egotistical guys they bump into and ask if I know any nice guys. Why should love be complicated? Shy guys are usually good thinkers and many believe in good manners, being sure how they feel about the girl they are with before hopping into bed. By doing this when the couple get together that girl feels extra special to him and just not another "squeak between the sheets." When I first met my 2nd husband, he was so shy that I had to go out to clubs with him and 2 of his other friends. Finally, after dancing my feet off with all 3 I simply told him that it was time for a date and so we did. On that first date he dropped spaghetti down the front of his shirt and I knew he was so nervous. I made a joke about it and we had a good laugh. That shy guy has now been my husband for 33 years. He's a wonderful person, quiet thinker, and treats me very well. Loves kids and animals (that includes me! LOL) He is very romantic, but cute doing it and I love him for it. Take this relationship slow and easy and communicate with him. His actions will tell you how he feels about you. If you land this guy you're one lucky girl! Good luck Marcy


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It's very hard to tell.... coz this species are very strange in behavior.... If a girl likes..... May be she'll Wink!

look he either likes you or he is trying to tell you something.But very likely he likes you.

Ask him if he likes you straight out when he least expects..He'll tell you the truth because it's a spontanious move////

you can tell if a boy likes you by the way he looks at you no one can really tell but there is one way if he asks you for example " How old are you" "what grade are you in" and he sits down beside you very closely that's a sign he likes you or being curious and got to no you better

Compare the way he acts around you and your friend and if he is very nice to one of you he probably likes that person.

she could be very sexualy attracted to a boy that she likes. but there is no way to tell unless you ask her

You can tell if a ten year old boy like a ten year old girl by if he teases her or is VERY kind to her. If he ignores you, he probably isn't interested. If he pulls your hair, that is a sign that he likes you. If he a very kind and sweet he likes you. It really depends on the guy. He might just tell u (:

One of the quickest way to know if a guy likes you is if he stares at you. They can't help it. So I would say yes this boy probably likes you. Another way to find out is to get him to look you in the eye. Watch his pupils when you do, when a person looks at something that they like and desire their pupils will enlarge briefly.

Oh that's very tough. Well if your friend was really a good friend she would understand if you tell her. =]]

She starts to ignore you and gets very nervous when ur around!

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You don't. If you want something done, do it yourself. Ask him. Or you could ask him if you want to go on a date with me................. Only if you are very pretty and hot

only if your 12 No that is a very childish thing to do. if you like him tell him dont get someone to ask him who he likes.

I know this from experience. IT COMPLETELY DEPENDS IF SHE LIKES YOU that's all I can really tell you girls are VERY unpredictable IchigoKitsune95 >:3

It is very very difficult to tell. Most of the time an overuse of the smiley face =) will give it away, but there are a lot of girls out there who use the smiley face a lot in all the text messages they send to people.If you want to tell if someone likes you, try being more observant when you are with them in person and look for signs.

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They'll talk a lot, will compliment you (like this one guy told me I was cool and very georgeous), or he'll just tell you!

Maybe what does he do that makes you think he might like you. Message me when you tell me on this question what he does and i will try to answer.

It's very simple. If you really like him ask him out. Good luck!

Hate is a very strong word, dislike would be better. Talk to him and tell him you have no feelings for him.

Well if she likes you, but you don't like her you should kindly(very kindly) tell her that you don't. Trust me I am a girl so I should know...

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