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Fish should be slimy . Gills should be bright red. Eyes should bright and have a fresh fishy smell.

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Smell it, if it smells nasty throw it away, if it smells fresh and looks like its got more red than white its fresh.

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Q: How do you tell if fish is fresh -?
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How to tell fresh fish at market?

The eyes should be clear and not foggy; scales should not come off easily.

You are asking about fresh water fish and if the fish are male or females?

yes what are the fresh water fish that lives with gold fish

Is a kingfish a salt water fish or a fresh water fish?

Fresh water

Are fresh water fish better at surviving than fresh water fish?

Fresh water fish survive just as well as fresh water fish. Maybe this question isn't the one that you actually meant to ask?

Is cave fish a salt water fish or fresh water?

fresh water .my fish are 16 yrs old

Is there fresh fish at Winco stores?

Yes, WinCo carries fresh fish. Some locations even have fresh sushi!

Do all fish live in fresh water?

No , some fish live in slat and fresh water but the pet fish you have or want to hve need fresh water.

What company has logo fresh fish - live?

Fresh Fish - Live Lobster = Red Lobster

Are x-ray fish salt-water or fresh-water fish?

fresh, its a tetra if its this one

Can saltwater fish eat fresh water flake food?

no saltwtr fish eat saltwtr food tropical fish eat tropical food fresh watr fish eat fresh watr food

Where do you get fresh water fish from if the ocean is salt water?

Rivers,lakes.ponds,any fresh water source or there are fresh water fish breeders

How do you purchase fresh fish in NJ?

Go to your local fishmongers or supermarket where you can purchase fresh fish easily.