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How do you tell if hamsters like each other?


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Only one way to know for sure: mate them. After or if they don't do so, the male is likely to attack the female.


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You can tell if your dwarf hamsters hate each other when they fight, bite each other or start to hiss at each other like cats. When this happens, separate them immediately!

to tell you hamsters only like each other when they want to have kids

Yes they do, they can act just like rabbits. You wont really need to worry if they hump each other because one of them is trying to tell the other one that it is the best

If two turtles like each other they will not get in fights and you will also be able to tell by how they act around each other.

If the hamsters are young (like less that three months old) they will be playing (Unless you can see they are like ripping fur out of each other, you know use your common sense). If they are adults they will be fighting. Adult hamsters do fight. they should not be kept together unless for mating.

They both tell each other they like each other in the season finale, Sonny:So Far

it depends tell me what they are like

You need a male and female hamster which you can purchase at the pet shop. I think that Golden hamsters (the big hamsters) and the Dwarf Hamsters (the small hamsters) will not breed <YES THEY WILL, MINE JUST DID>. Anyways you will have to partner them, transfer them to the same cage, after that you will partner them you can do this by tapping the partner button. Make sure the two hamsters like each other, you will know because the hamsters will push each other over (playfully). If the hamsters push each other over and lightning bolts show (that means they don't really like each other)<IT DOES NOT MATTER IF THEY LIKE EACH OTHER OR NOT, THEY GET OVER IT>. People say to transfer the hamsters to the same cage, charge your DS, and over night or all day leave your hamsters in the SAME CAGE. Make sure your DS is charging! When you wake up go to the pet shop and chat with the employees, they will then tell you if your hamster is pregnant, follow their directions and your done! All you need to do now Is wait a few days (7-10) and the babies will be born. to have there baby quicker save the game turn it off and then change the date 10 days later {just to be sure} turn it off go on to hamster 2 and choose your pregnant hamster and ta DA you have a baby hamster have fun <IF YOU DONT LIKE THE BABY HAMSTERS COLOR TURN IT OFF WITHOUT SAVING TO GET A DIFF. COLOR!> i turned off my ds 15 times and got a star hamster!! YAY THANK YOU PERSON WITH THE COMMENTS ;D

well if your sure you both like each other then tell each other and tell every one Else but if your scared Wat they will say hint about it with them n wait till they get it if not n u cart wait n the person u like tells u how they feel tell them back then tell everyone

Ants use chemical signals to tell each other about food and a number of other things like enemies.

how to tell boys from girls w/baby hamsters

You just tell her. Also tell her a bit of the other things about him, like why you like each other. Don't emphasise the age gap.

You can tell if a guy likes you or if you like him a lot if you often spend time with each other.

Tell her that you think you two are perfect for each other and why.

Well that totally means that you guys like each other. Usually in high school you tell each other you like them and in elementry you push each other around:)

The female's "dots" will be closer to each other. The male's will be further apart. If a female hamster has short fur, tiny nipples will be seen. A male does not have it.

The two goldfish will nibble each others tails, they are not fighting.

If you two talk to each other and he seems to like Bering with or near you, you should tell him but in a private

Meerkats tell each other apart with smell and dominant

Just telling her you like her is not a good idea. Just be friendly, and get to know each other, And she might start to like you too.

you kinda tell because they blush alot in the anime.

Honestly? Hamsters are not like people. If they're rolling around on top of eachother, I promise, they're fighting. -w-

well i knew that my hamster like me by it not bitting me. yet you cant really tell because they mite like you but are really scared so it seems like they dont like you.

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