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If you are worried that a name brand that you are purchasing isn't real, it very well might not be. The only way to tell for sure that a name brand piece of clothing is real is to purchase it directly from a major department store or to purchase it directly from the manufacturer.

However, just because you see something sold at a flea market or at an online auction doesn it mean it's not real. Many name brand manufacturers and department stores sell their surplus at highly discounted prices. People then buy the merchandise in bulk to resell it online or at flea markets. If you know the name brand really well, you should be able to closely inspect the merchandise for telltale signs of authenticity, such as the labels and the tags. If a name-brand shirt is sporting a generic label on the inside, chances are it's a fake.

AnswerThe only way to know for sure is to either buy it at the actual store that sells the brand or buy it off their website.If you buy it at a flea market your probably getting a fake and something out of fashion anyways.Spend more on couple of really great designer pieces and fill the rest of your wardrobe with less expensive basics.
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Q: How do you tell if name-brand clothing is genuine?
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