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some times when your trying to start will sound like battery is going dead

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YOU can tell because of the roots & the adult teeth are bigger then the baby teeth.If u can recall to lose that tooth it is not a baby tooth

Sorry to tell you this but the tooth fairy isn't real........... Ya the tooth fairy ISNT real

tell them that the tooth fairy already took it

a sharks tooth can have jagged edges and is in a form of a triangle

well you'll probbaly feel it or swallow it so you'd feel it

the roman tooth depending on its condition can tell us if they were poor, rich healthy or non healthy or what foods they eat if they took care of their teeth all depending on the tooth

No the tooth fariy is not real because when i was little the tooth fairy sent me notes but it was my mom who wrote it. i could tell her handwritting, so no there is no tooth fairy. : (

Strictly speaking, tooth fairies do not exist and if hypothetically they do, then as their name suggests, they give a child gifts or money in exchange for a baby tooth that has fallen out. They do not tell the future, or at least not conventionally expected to.

I hate to tell you but the tooth fairy isn't real. There are no such thing as fairies.

Tooth fairies are wherever you want them to be. Tell your mum or dad that you want the tooth fairy to come and visit you when your tooth comes out. They know how the fairy knows when to come.

Visit your Dentist And She or He will Tell you!

No, because I hate to tell you this, but the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist. Hate to break it to you!

Open his mouth and check for a odd or black tooth. Or just bring it to a Vet.

You can tell what an animal eats on how their respective dentures or tooth shapes are arrange.

The marked # 1 position on the distributor cap of a 1972 Ford 302 cubic inch V8 engine faces to the rear and slightly towards the drivers side ( if that's what you are referring to )

have you lost that tooth before? if you have then that was an adult tooth. also, baby teeth look like rice a little and permanent teeth are more square than rectangular

it's big you can notice it is big

Stick a tooth pick in the middle of it. If nothing sticks to the tooth pick its done!

You can tell because it would be very red and pain full.

Because i think milk teeth are whiter, And sometimes they have ridges when they come in.

Email the company direct - tell them were you are, and they'll tell you where your nearest distributor is.

The tooth fairy isn't real because I lost a tooth before and didn't tell my parents. Next day, I had no money under my pillow and the tooth was still there. So it's your parents who gives you the money. There is no such thing as a tooth fairy.

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