How do you tell if this girl is flirting with you?


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If a girl laughs at all your jokes, even when they are not funny, she is flirting with you. If a girl goes out of her way to talk to you, she is flirting with you.

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how can you tell if a boy is flirting with a girl and also likes her to an extent?

when a girl is flirting she is sometimes touching her all the time or hint to you that she likes you.

When the girl is showing extra attention towards you

ask her to stop flirting with you if you dont like it, or if you like it then tell her so.

She laughs alot...even if its not funny

Well, you will be able to tell if they are flirting with you if they happen to hang around with you alot, or if they give you compliments.

If he shows sign of amusement in his flirtation.

Yes, if a girl is feeling on you that is a form of flirting.

by flirting or telling her that she is very special to you

take it as a joke or tell him you are not happy with it

Well that is not so hard to tell . If you want to know if she is flirting . You can guess this by her behavior towards you . She will say cheesy things to you.

one way to tell is if they make alot of eye contact

Flirting is flirting you do it the same way as for a guy.

i am a Gemini girl myself and when i like someone i do a bit of flirting but i also play hard to get.

Perhaps when she lifts her hand... Although, just because you are flirting doesn't mean she should get violent. Unless you like it.

It's obvious if someone is flirting with your boyfriend. The question should be, "Does your boyfriend care?" The answer to THAT question determines how you should handle the situation. ;)

when a girl is flirting with you, usually it means that she has a crush on you (basically it means that she likes you)

just tell her that you like her, is a nice way, or if you dont feel good with that, just start flirting with her.

she probably likes you if she is flirting and if she smiles (smiling is always a dead give away) then you bet she likes you!

if he's your best friend you should be able to tell him anything, and he should know better! but i mean just pull him aside and tell him you don't appreciate him flirting with your g/f OR PUT YOUR FOOT UP HIS A**

if they flirt with you..and to find out if they guy is flirting with you or the girl is..ask that question instead..it will help

to find out if somone is the flirting type u ask them but if your the typical omg what if he thinks my hair looks bad girl like i am u just start flirting im not an expert so just try it and tell me what happens.

No; the guy would think it strange and wouldn't understand the reason for your behavior. Express a obvious interest in him (meaning: tell him!) and see what happens. Flirting is flirting; and flirting is for fun.

well i am a girl and i think i can tell when im flirting my perspective is i think when they start laghing constantly and getts closer with you or they just stare at you like crazy and then you can kinda tell that there hitting on you

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