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If the water pump is bad ussually the heater will stop giving hot air .

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Q: How do you tell if you have a bad water pump on a Nissan 200sx?
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Can you replace a water pump on a 1985 Nissan 200SX C series engine without removing the timing belt cover?

You need a manual on it to show you how and it will tell you.

What are symptoms of leaking water pump 1987 Nissan 300zx?

Shold be a weep hole underneath stem of water pump. If it's leaking water it needs to be replaced. You will be able to tell.

How to change a water pump on a 1983 Nissan pickup truck?

go to and enter your 1983 info and look up water pump,then on right side of screen,click on repair guide and it will tell your how to remove and install new one.

How can you tell if the water pump is bad on a 99 cadillac deville?

If a water pump is bad they usually leak coolant

How t tell if water pump is bad?

Water pump shaft loose? Water pump leaking? Water circulating in coolant system?

Engine runs hot how can you tell if its a water pump?

my engine runs hot on my 2000 dodge caravan how can i tell if its the water pump i already change the thermostat does not help

Labor time to fit water pump on Nissan primera?

IF you stay on it full time, it takes 2-1/2 hours. Don,t let any shop tell you different Hope this helps

How can you tell if your water pump is not working?

No circulation.

What is the weep hole for?

if you are talking about the weep hole in the water pump. that hole will let water out when the seals in the water go bad. that will tell you to get the water pump replaced.

How do you tell if your water pump needs to be replaced?

There is a small hole in the bottom that is designed to leak when the water pump bearing is goin out

How can i test the fuel pump when my car won't turn over 92 Nissan 240sx?

When you turn the ignition key to start, you should hear the pump make a noise for just a moment. A gauge will tell you if the pump is putting out the correct pressure.

How can you tell if the water pump on a 2002 Daewoo Leganza is going out?

Leaking around water pump mounting or shaft Play in shaft

Where is the water pump on 94 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

You can tell where the water pump is located by finding where the mechanical fan is bolted to. If you want to change the water pump, the fan and fan shroud must be removed.

1994 Nissan Sentra how do you tell where the water is leaking from?

do a coolant pressure test.

With a submersible sump pump do you submerse the entire pump?

Yes the whole pump is designed to be under water but plugging it in at least 3' above the top of pump basin, also every pump will tell you in their specs how deep of water it can be in.

How do you tell if the water pump is going out on a 2000 Ford Taurus?

You can tell by if there is a leak around the pumps impeller or the gasket. If there is a leak, then the water pump would need to be changed. Secondly if there is no pressure in the cooling system, vehicle is overheating. Chances are the impeller inside the pump is melted, the water pump would need to be changed. Last, if the bearing are worn out on the water pump which would cause unusual noise would be an indication for the pump to be changed.

Tell why the engine is not getting gas for a 95 Nissan pickup?

fuel filter clogged fuel pump weak fuel line clogged

How do you tell if water pump is leaking 2001 ford windstar?

Somewhere on the underside of the pump near where the shaft that the pulley is mounted on, there will be a small hole in the pump. This is called a weep hole and water will leak out of there slowly if you have a bad pump.

How can you tell if the water pump is pumping?

If the engine is warmed up, the thermostat has opened and coolant is circulating, the pump is pumping.

What causes leaking tell tale holes on water pumps?

The seals in the pump are leaking and the pump needs to be replaced.

How can you tell if your water pump frozen?

you will never know until you dont see water

How do you change a water pump on a Toyota Corolla?

tell me what toyota year ,and i will tell you how is a toyota corolla 1995

How can you tell if your water pump is bad?

Most water pumps have a (weep) hole just under where the pulley go's into the pump body.=ok you fan blade is bolted to the front of your pump. looking down if you see a trinkel of water or a water stain on the front of it under the shaft you can bet your pump is gone.=

How do you tell if the water pump is bad on a pt cruiser?

it wont work

How do you tell when a water pump is bad on a 1991 Honda accord?

It makes alot of noise and overheats, leaks out of bottom of pump