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A gas hookup will have fittings for a gas line, they should be clearly visible. In an electric hookup there will be an electrical plug, but no gas lines showing.

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Q: How do you tell if you have a gas or electric dryer hookup?
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Is there an adapter for electric dryer to hookup to gas line?

No. An electric dryer has no burner or combustion controls.

What type of professional can convert an electric dryer hookup to a gas dryer hookup?

A licensed plumber or HVAC technician can convert an electric dryer hookup to a gas dryer hookup. It involves installing a gas line and ensuring the proper vents and connections are in place to safely operate the gas dryer. It's important to hire a professional to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

Can you convert a gas dryer 120V hookup to an electric dryer 240V hookup?

No, you cannot convert a gas dryer hookup to an electric dryer hookup. Gas dryers require a 120V outlet for power, while electric dryers need a 240V outlet for power. You would need to install a new 240V outlet specifically for the electric dryer.

Who can hookup a gas dryer?

a hooker...:D

How much does it cost to switch gas dryer hookup to electric hookup?

It depends on what kind of dryer you are going to put in though I recommend to put in a 110 dryer so there will be no need for a contractor as the outlet for your washer is usually rated to supply enough amps for both appliances.

What does a gas dryer hookup look like?

I don't know. I'm trying to find out.

Are there any gas washers?

No i would stay with elec only on the dryer as well since many places don't have a gas hookup for a dryer either anymore.

Would the Whirlpool LTG5423D stackable dryer require any requirements such as a natural gas hookup to operate?

The Whirlpool LTG5423D does need a natural gas hookup, which should be found in any modern apartment.

Is there an adapter for a gas dryer to electric?

No, a gas dryer uses gas, which cannot be converted into electricity with a simple adapter.

Is a gas dryer better than an electric?

Yes, a gas dryer is better than an electric dryer. A gas dryer becomes much hotter so therefore your clothes dry faster. Also natural gas as piped to homes costs less per kilowatt-hour than the equivalent amount of household electrical power. However the initial purchase cost of a gas dryer is much more than an electric dryer and the installation costs cost ofa gas dryer can be much higher too because it needs a piped gas supply as well as electricity.

What should you look for when looking at portable dryers to purchase?

First, you should look and see if it is a gas or an electric dryer. A gas dryer will save you more than an electric dryer. Then, you need to see if it is a full size or a compact dryer model.

Is heavy duty dryer electric or gas?