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A gas hookup will have fittings for a gas line, they should be clearly visible. In an electric hookup there will be an electrical plug, but no gas lines showing.

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Q: How do you tell if you have a gas or electric dryer hookup?
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What type of professional can convert an electric dryer hookup to a gas dryer hookup?

A plumber with a gas ticket.

Is there an adapter for electric dryer to hookup to gas line?

No. An electric dryer has no burner or combustion controls.

How do you tell if gas or electric dryer hookup?

Look at the size of plug, if it's a big, square one and there is no obvious gas pipe , then it's electric.

Can you hook up your electric dryer to a hookup for a gas dryer?

You are asking about the electrical portion of the hook up right ! Then the answer is yes. You will have to determine if the hookup is 12o VAC or 220 VAC , 60 Cycle. That goes for the electric dryer as well.

Who can hookup a gas dryer?

a hooker...:D

I have a gas dryer but I am moving into an area without a gas hookup. Can I use my gas dryer with only an electric outlet?

You may be able to buy bottled gas that will run your dryer. You may have to use the sun and the wind to dry your clothes.

How do you convert a gas dryer hookup to an electric dryer hookup?

Very carefully, of course. You need to calculate the power in watts in the gas, then get an electric heater with a blower that produces the same power. Since gas is cheaper than electricity why would you want to do this? <<>> You can not convert a gas dryer to an electrical dryer. These are two different pieces of equipment and the internal workings of the dryers are not even close in comparison. If you are thinking of changing to electricity from a gas dryer, it will cost you more money to run the electric dryer. The electric dryer will need a new supply breaker directly from the service distribution panel to the new electric dryer's location.30 amp breaker, 3C #10 wire and a dryer receptacle have to be installed. You will have to get a gas fitter in to terminate your existing gas line that goes to the existing dryer as that is not a homeowner's DIY. Best advice, stick with the gas dryer.

Can you convert a gas dryer 120V hookup to an electric dryer 240V hookup?

Chances are there is more than 1 outlet connected to the 110volt circuit you are looking to convert. So therefore the easy answer is No. The 240volt dryer circuit must be a dedicated single circuit for the dryer only.

How much does it cost to switch gas dryer hookup to electric hookup?

It depends on what kind of dryer you are going to put in though I recommend to put in a 110 dryer so there will be no need for a contractor as the outlet for your washer is usually rated to supply enough amps for both appliances.

How can you tell difference between a gas and electric dryer?

Well if the back of your dryer is pluged into a power outlet of some sort its a electrical and if a pipe runs into it that is a gas dryer

Can you change a gas dryer into and electric dryer?


What does a gas dryer hookup look like?

I don't know. I'm trying to find out.

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