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Q: How do you tell if you have authentic pair of Oakley's?
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Are oakley's that say made in Italy authentic?

Yes, the company Luxottica (who owns Ray Bans) bought them in 2007. Now some of the oakleys are made in Italy. Authentic Oakleys will say Made in USA or Made in Italy.

How can you tell if oakleys are fake?

You can contact the company through their website:

Are authentic carrera sunglasses made in china?

I have an authentic pair I bought from Nordstroms. They say made in China on the stem.

How can you tell if your Jordans are authentic?

You can tell if your Jordans are authentic by checking the label of the product and if it looks authentic then you could assume they are real because the trademark is hard to imitate.

How do you tell if a burberry scarf is authentic?

The authentic burberry scarf has its own tags.

Will fake oakleys work with real oakley lens?

Sometimes yes but you should realize that Oakley frames are about 1/4-1/3 the cost of a pair of Oakleys. The lens is where the initial focus was, the frame is of course designed to be part of the work of art, but the lens itself is the essentially the art.

Is jumpmansneakerscom a authentic website that sells Air Jordan?

I purchased a pair of Retro IV Blackmon Mars from and the shoes are Authentic and the shipping is fast.

What was Annie oakleys husbad?

Anne Oakleys husband was Frank Butler.

Where to get fake oakleys?

You can get the fake oakleys at the it sale all style thefake oakleys, the price is too cheap. only sale 13$

Who were Annie oakleys influences?

annie oakleys influences and role modles were frank buttler the press and her parents

Should you buy a pair of Beats by Dr Dre Studios off of EBay even if the seller sends a picture of the receipt?

Maybe, the buyer can easily have a fake pair, then buy a real pair for himself and sell you the fake pair with a legitreceipt. Check the sellers feedback, if he has lots of feedback, and good feedback, chances are that he's selling an authentic pair. If the seller has low feedback, or if he has bad feedback, don't buy it from him! The only sure way to make sure you are getting an authentic pair is to buy them from anauthorizeddealer. Visit the link in "related links" for a list ofauthorizeddealers.

How would an individual be able to tell if an autographed football is authentic?

An individual would be able to tell if an autographed football is authentic by reading the signature, as well as going and taking it to a specialist of which is involved in reading such things.

How can you tell if a Hitler youth knife is authentic?

Have it certified by an expert.

How can you tell the difference between a replica football jersey and authentic jersey?

A replica football jersey has printed lettering and a authentic football jersey has stitched lettering.

How do tell if you have a pattern siver dollar?

Take it to a reputable coin dealer who should be able to tell you if you have an authentic pattern coin. Most pattern coins are not authentic and therefore numismatically worthless. But if you have a real one it can be worth quite a bit.

How do you tell if a jimi Hendrix autograph is authentic?

if it says '''jimi Hendrix was here'''

What are Websites with authentic air force ones?

i have found and used this website called pickyour I have ordered three times from them and the shoes are 100% authentic. i will tell everyone about them.

How do you know if a coach purse is authentic?

there should be patent number inside the coach purse.. also, by the design you can tell if its authentic but sometimes knockoffs can really resemble it.

What are the best ski goggles?

oakleys trust me.

What was Annie Oakleys occupation?

She was a sharpshooter and a showman.

What was Annie oakleys childhood like?


What color is Annie oakleys eyes?


What color are Annie oakleys eyes?


What size cablz do you use for oakleys?


What was Annie Oakleys personality?

her face lolol