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Technically a pathological liar is a liar period. You can tell if your husband is a liar by how he communicates - does he try and play the victim all the time? Is he evasive when answering your questions? Does he lay the blame on your to try and wiggle out of situations?

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Q: How do you tell if your husband is a pathological liar or just a liar?
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How can you tell if your girlfriend is a pathological liar?

If she is always lying to you, then she is a pathological liar.

How can you tell someone is a pathological liar?

You can tell that someone is a pathological liar if you catch them in lies often. If you consistently think that someone is lying, this could mean they are a pathological liar.

When will a pathological liar tell the truth?


How do you talk to a pathological liar?

You talk to them like they are normal, just don't believe anything they tell you.

How you tell if someone is a pathological liar?

The best way to tell if someone is a pathological liar, is to catch them in their lies. If you cant determine that they are a liar, it's best not to trust them until they prove otherwise, to keep yourself from getting hurt.

How do you identify pathological liar?

They lie when it would be easier to tell the truth.

How can you tell whether your boyfriend is a Slime ball liar or a pathological liar?

whats the difference.? once they give you two lies. dump him .don't let him get to 3. I was with a pathological liar and a scum bag. they never stop lying . I wasted my life for 6 years.

How can you tell if your boyfriend is a pathological liar?

If you have to ask you already know do yourself a favor and move on trust is a must

How do you know if a friend is a pathological liar?

you know your friend is a pathological liar basicly if they always have a tendency to lie and if they lie their way to deep in the lie to tell the truth. or if they constantly lie to cover up another lie and so on.

How can you tell if you're a pathological liar?

Pathological liar is hard to noticed, it often exaggerate issues. Person may not be lying deliberately. He or she would think and believe in their lies completely. Their daily life often includes such far fetched sentences about many things. Pathological liar often lie in situations whenever they find it easy to do so.

Can you live with a pathalogical liar?

Yes technaically you can... Although depending on what kind of person you are and what you believe it may concern you to a great extint. If you have problems living with someone who is a pathological liar I suggest you eave them if possible and if not then you may want to tell some one your troubles to see if you or the pathological liar can get help.

What do you do if your husband is pathological liar and you really love with him and don't want to leave him?

A better question is why would you want to stay with a pathological liar - a person who flagrantly shows you no respect. Obviously there is nothing to do in your case since you've already made the decision to stay with him. If you had any respect for yourself, you'd grow a backbone and tell him your marriage is over unless he gets psychological help.

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