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How do you tell if your parakeet is sick?

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there are many illnesses that a bird can get. a few signs are if your bird is not eating or drinking enough, if your bird is sitting at the bottom of the cage a lot/ all the time . if you see any of those symtomes then you should see your local vet. 1 other symtom of being sick is if your bird is behaving differantly to what it normaly behaves.

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How can you tell if your parakeet is sick?

if the parakeet has its feathers puffed out it means it is sick or cold or ill

How can you tell if a parakeet is healthy?

A health parakeet will have shiny feathers, clear eyes, shiny beak, and a cere that is free of drainage. A fluffed parakeet that sits at the bottom of the cage is very sick and needs attention immediately.

What does it mean when your parakeet is acting strange?

It is sick.

How do you tell what sex your parakeet is?

A female parakeet has blue-tipped wings and a male parakeet has red-tipped wings.

Can a parakeet survive cold?

No, a parakeet is a tropical bird from Australia. In temperatures less than the sixties it is likely a parakeet will get sick. Escaped parakeets have no chance surviving a northern winter.

What do you do when your parakeet gets sick?

I recommend calling the vet and making an appointment for your parakeet. Be sure to explain the symptoms so that he or she can figure out what the problem is.

Is it okay to travel by auto all day with your pet parakeet?

It would be alright as long as the parakeet does not feel sick or frightened at all. If the y feel frightened then the parakeet might die.

How can you tell the sex of a parakeet?

It is difficult to impossible to tell the sex of a parakeet. Many pet owners only find out the sex of their birds when they mate.

Why does a parakeet fluff up?

A parakeet "fluffs up" for a number of reasons. They could be cold, preening, stretching or sick. If it stays fluffed up for a prolonged period the bird could be sick and need to see a vet.

How do you tell what type of a parakeet is?

the way to tell if a parakeet is a male or femaleis by looking at their noise, the males noise is blue and the femals is are pinkish,white or peach

How do you tell if a parakeet is at young age?

You can tell if a parakeet is at young age if it has strips of black and white like zebras because they start to disappear when they get older.

Can a parakeet snore?

Only if it has a severe respiratory infection.

How do you tell how old is your parakeet?

by the strips on it's head

How can you tell when your parakeet is a bot or girl?

ask doctar

How do you tell a boy parakeet from a girl parakeet at young age?

Their cere (nose) is pink on a female or blue on a male, however, it's impossible to tell at a young age.

Why is your parakeet shivering?

Your parakeet may be cold or sick. If it is cold, you may have it too close to air conditioning or something that has cold drafts. If you get your parakeet wet enough and don't dry it, it could catch a chill and die. Sometimes they are simply nervous and will sit and puff out their feathers. You should take it to a veterinarian to make sure it is not sick.

Why wont your parakeet eat your?

Probably because it's sick n has something to do with its stomach

How do you tell a boy parakeet from a girl parakeet if they are the same color?

The color of their noses: pink-brownish = girls ; blue = boys

What to do if a parakeet is getting sick?

you need to keep it under warm light and you should ask a vet

How do you tell the difference between and male and a female albino parakeet?

A male parakeet has a blue nose. A female parkeet has a brown nose.

How do you tell when a puppies sick?

You can tell when a puppy is sick if he/she is eating grass or whimpering You can tell when a puppy is sick if he/she is eating grass or whimpering

How can you tell how old is my parkeet?

You can tell that your parakeet is old by looking at the rings on it's head. If there are a lot of black rings that go around it's head, it is younger. If your parakeet has little rings unlike this one, it's older. This parakeet has almost a white head which means it is older.

How can you tell when your africn grey is sick?

how can you tell when your african grey is sick

How do you know the sex of a parakeet?

As long as your parakeet is older than 6 weeks you will be able to tell the gender of your parakeet by looking at the little ridge of skin above the beak. If the skin is darker (dark purple, blue, etc.) the parakeet is a male. If the skin is lighter (a lavander or white color, etc.), the parakeet is female.

Why is your parakeet making a crackling sound?

It wants attention or he/she is sick. Most likely tough he wants attention from you.