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How do you tell if your phone is tapped?


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You will hear a "beep" at regular intervals if the conversation is being recorded by a private source. If the phone line is being monitored by authorities you would not be aware of it.


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You Can Tell Your Mobile Device Is Tapped,When You Hear Weird Nosie,That You Don't Normally Here

There is no way of knowing if your phone is tapped.

There are a few signs that could mean that your phone is tapped. A couple of these signs are, battery gets hot, distortion, and the battery does not stay charged.

The technoloigy used by law enforcement is very sophisticated and is oftern the property of the phone company itself. You will never know.

If a cell phone has service, it is liable to being tapped by the government. This can range anywhere from simply monitoring locational data to recording actual conversations around and from the phone.

There usually will not be obvious signs of a trace. If your phone is warm when it shouldn't be, or has dramatically decreased battery life with no increase in usage, it might be bugged. Also, if you have a GSM phone, and your phone causes speakers (e.g. from a stereo or computer) to buzz when you are not on a call, then it might be tapped. Of course, there are other reasons that could cause any of the above situations.

on a work phone yes but it is highly against the law to tap a home phone

if its a smart phone thenthrow it away cuz theyll be werever u are

this is a common side affect of phone tapping. if there is reason that your phone should be tapped get a new 1, not under your name. take it back t metro and let them know about this problem

by taking it near the fire. if tape is on it ll burn

It is possible to tap a mobile phone. That is not to say, however, that such action is lawful.

Yes, for some values of "tapped." The radio communication between a cell phone and a cell tower is encrypted... you could theoretically capture it off the air, but it wouldn't do you much good. However, in order to turn it back into a phone call instead of something resembling static, the service provider has to be able to decrypt it at that point, and it could be tapped there.

No. The warrant would be presented in court. Besides, letting you know that your phone is tapped rather defeats the purpose.

If it sounds echoy...Almost like a reflection of your own voice. Fer Sur

She is well educated. She can get along with others but she is not afraid to tell other world leaders when she thinks they are in the wrong. Germans respect her for standing up to others such as when she complained to Obama that the US had tapped her cell phone.

Groundwater can be tapped by wells.

"Tap" is the present tense for "tapped".

You can call them. If they answer, the phone is on.

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From my understanding, every cell phone and landline in the world is tapped by the government. I've heard two different theories 1.) They listen in periodically to literally spy on us and 2.) it is somewhat automated and certain spoken words and texts trigger them to listen in i.e. kill, murder, terrorist, gun...any word in that....genre :) But no, there is no number to find that out, sadly

The solo for One is tapped using the finger by Kirk Hammett

tell me where this cell phone is right now can you please locate this cell phone

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