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Answer I'd say you have to tell her carefully or just before the two of you are about to engage in a sexual activity, you could always tell her you have a suprise for her and wear your panties and some lingerie and ask her if it turns her on, if not, I'd keep it a secret because it may really turn her off.

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How do you get wife to go along with you wearing panties?

just tell her you want to wear panties because they make you feel good. it's just underwear.

Is it okay to want to wear your wife panties?

If it's okay with your wife, sure!

Is is okay to wear your wife panties?

Only if she feels comfortable about it.

Is it wrong wear pantyhose with panties. My wife wear them with panties but i think it's horribly Why do they have cotton crotch. How do you persuade her to wear them without panties?

Wearing pantyhose with panties is a personal preference, so there isn't a "wrong" or "right" side to the discussion. It is just what she prefers.

How do I tell my wife I want to wear panties?

Sounds like you need a serious conversation with her. Depending on your relationship she may help you or not. Counseling maybe in order.

Is it weird that my mom buys my wife lingerie like thongs and panties for her birthday and Christmas?

I do not think it is weird. Your mom buys your wife thongs and panties for your wife's birthday to make your wife happy and to also make you happy ( turned on ) to see your wife wearing such items.

You love to wear girls panties?

Yes, I love to wear girls panties i have worn them for 33 yrs and i will wear them forever, the feel and look of panties are the ultimate, shopping with your wife for panties is the best feeling. I just cannot get enough of panties I LOVE THEM, smooth silky panties, i love stockings also smooth against your skin, cannot be matched, and I love women. Here here! i love my panties too, wear them 24/7 and would NEVER go back to mens undies, nice soft, smooth, comfortable panties are the best thing going

How do you tell your wife you want to wear her panties?

My best advice is to make sure she is open to the subject. I was married to a woman who actually gave me her panties to wear when we were dating, but after we married she began to find the idea offensive. Go figure right? Just reassure her that you are not gay or want to be a woman. It may even spice up your sex life. Good luck.

How can you get your wife to wear leggings they are hot?

tell her she has skinny legs

Why does my wife keep lingerie from her old boyfriend after twenty years?

It must mean something special to her. Have you ever given her lingerie? Or played with her in it?

Is there lingerie for colostomy bags?

My wife found swimsuits, so there must be lingerie. Probably be more in the bodysuit style, where they can hide a pouch discreatly

Is it okay to want to wear my wife's panties?

Sure it is. Many men want to and like to wear panties. But as the saying goes: honesty is the best policy. I have no doubt you've tried them on, but you can't keep hiding this from your wife. Well, actually you can, but you probably will be caught eventually. Also, do you think your wife would be accepting of this? She just might be--you never know. If not, then you're going to be living a double life. Best of luck to you!

How many men cross dress?

More than you would think. a lot of men wear panties and a bra and do not think of themselves as cross dressers but only wearing these items to please their wife or girlfriend. And then there are the real cross-dressers that get so excited that they wear all womens' clothes all the time.Gay men often cross dress but straight men do also but usually in secret. You asked how many. In America alone more than two million. Those who only wear lingerie are called underdressers.

How will you express your felling to your wife who wear saree first time?

Tell her she looks beautiful:)

How do you convince wife to go out without panties?

You ask her. She may be willing, she may not

How To Buy Women’s Panties As A Gift?

Giving lingerie to your companion can be a fun, sexy way to show that you care. Choosing the right pair of women’s panties can be difficult, however. You want the recipient to love and use the gift. If you buy her a pair of underwear that she does not like, she will probably just put them in the back of her drawer and never wear them. If you pick the right pair, however, she will wear them frequently and think about you each time that she does. 1. Remember To Consider Her Tastes Although it can be tempting to pick panties that would please you visually in the bedroom, remember that this is not a gift for you. Consider her tastes, and try to pick out panties that she would like to wear. If she likes simple, casual attire, avoid complicated and uncomfortable lingerie. Similarly, if she likes to wear more formal attire, look for classic pieces in traditional styles. 2. Remember That Sexy Can Still Be Comfortable Even if your girlfriend or wife usually prefers to wear basic cotton panties, do not buy her plain and boring underwear as a gift. Plain and boring never equals romantic. Instead, acknowledge her love of comfort by purchasing sexy lingerie that she will feel comfortable wearing. Avoid garments that have a lot of scratchy lace and complicated straps. Do not be afraid to feel the fabric of different garments when you are shopping. If the fabric seems rough and scratchy, look for something else instead. 3. Make Sure You Get The Right Size Before you go shopping, check to see what size of underwear the lady in your life wears. Although asking her is probably your best bet, if you want to keep your gift a surprise you could check the label on some panties that she already owns. Keep in mind that your girlfriend’s size could be calculated differently depending on the store. Keep your receipt for the gift in case she needs to exchange it for a different size. 4. Consider A Gift Certificate If you do not think you can pick out a pair of panties that your lady will love, consider purchasing a gift certificate. To make the experience more romantic and sexy, offer to go lingerie shopping with her. She can model some items for you, and pick out what she likes the very best.

Why do you get a hardon when you wear womens panties?

we were going to the beach and the inner part of my bathing suit was really stretched at the top and my private area would come out at the crotch.My wife said it would be too much to wear my jockey shorts underneath.She said the inside of the bathing suit was the same as a pair of her panties.I went to put them on I immediatly got a hardon.I can't explain it.I told my wife and she said just don't let on.I loved the feeling so much that I had to cum.Just knowing that I can go into my dresser draw and take a pair of panties that my wife buys really is a turn on.She makes sure that the panties she buys are nylon but have to have a cotton gusset for when I cum.So far we've been lucky no-one knows.It may sound far fetched but she bought matching panties and baby doll sleep wear.I know for sure that when your partner is with you it is a relief.There are times when I fix myself in the crotch of my panties and walk with my wife ,she knows exactly when I'm going to cum.

When was Victorias secret founded?

Victoria Secrets was founed in 1977 by Roy Raymond. He started this lingerie business as most people feared embarassment buying some lingerie for their wife.

Does a garter belt go under or over panties?

it can be worn either way but you may want to put the panties over them so when you need the bathroom you will not have to undo the nylons to get your panties down. or you can keep them over the panties and when you have to go just slide the panties down to the tops of the nylons and go that way that is the way I do it. I hate to have to re clip nylons in a public rest room

How do you get your wife to wear lingerie?

Ask her to wear one. Buy her some from an online lingerie store or offline lingerie store. Online lingerie stores are better so that you would not get embarrassed. The shop assistants may think you are buying for yourself as some kinky trip of some kind. If she is not really into sexy or naughty lingerie then you could also have it posted to your address from the online lingerie retailer and when it arrives rip the return address label off and say, "It doesn't have a return address, I'll check with the post office". Make sure you leave the package open on the dining room table so that your wife can see the contents, phone her from work if she is at home and say that, "we cannot return it without a record of a return address". "The post office says that the company will be insured for the loss2". Then mention to her that she may as well keep it. Before you get home she may have tried it on, she may surprise you by wearing it and greeting you at the door. If your wife is a little bit more stubborn you can either plead with her to wear it for you for some birthday sex and she may get used to it or during foreplay remind her that she still has that costume or sexy lingerie hidden away. During foreplay you have an advantage over her that at that very moment before intercourse she will willingly do many things because the heat has been turned up. So, wearing something a little bit sexy, raunchy or revealing is the lesser of two evils. Once she gets into wearing sexy lingerie or fantasy costume wear the thrill takes over and she will begin enjoying wearing some special outfits for you. The women that don't wear sexy lingerie and only wear their everyday underwear may have some sexual hangups that they are not aware exist, the may still think, "just lay back and think of England" but at the end of the day, these sexual hangups can be eased after time and if she has hangups of any kind related to sexual behavior, you can be sure that by wearing some sexy items she will hangup her hangups and become the full woman that loves to fulfill her partner and be fulfilled by him.

What can you do if your wife was angry when she caught you in her lingerie?

People think it is Susie Mulhern is. Search her in Google Images if you don't believe me :)

Is wet panties a sign of cheating wife?

No, it doesn't necessarily mean that your wife is cheating. Women get discharge every-so-often, also she may have had a little 'accident' or didn't change her panties. If you think she's cheating - ask her. I know it's going to be very awkward, but say "I'm concerned that you're cheating, can you please tell me a honest answer?" If she acts nervous, tends to touch her hands or her face; she's lying. Good luck.

What is the worst thing to say to your wife?

Tell her she is a lousy wife and mother. tell her you are in love with someone else Tell her that you cheated. But if you did, tell her.

Name something a man buys for his wife that's more a gift for himself?

tv car tools lingerie sports tickets

Why DO Vegas Cocktail Waitress wear Pantyhose?

1) Pantyhose portray an image of sex & high class. 2) They are more sanitary than woman in "bare legs" (not all women wear panties under skirts.) Not a great image when you and your wife are out for drinks. 3) They make all women look great & sexy!