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Tell him privately, but tell him straight out. He may very well deny it, but at least he will know. He may not know at this point and depending on his sex life others may be in the same place you are. Get treatment and if you can't tell the guy, the doctor or clinic where you get treatment will.

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How do you know who gave you an STD?

Could be either one. When was your last negative STD test? And have there been any others?If you have multiple partners, you probably never will know who gave you the STD.No; there is no way to tell for sure.No; if you had only 1 partner it is obvious, multiple it is impossible to tell.If you don't know who gave you an STD you are a whore, (not that there's anything wrong with that), but you should have at least used protection. By the way there are no tests, sucks to be you.That's sad if you can't narrow it down.

Do you have to tell your employer that you have an STD?

No; you don't have to tell your employer that you have a STD.

Must a company tell its workers if someone has a std?

Not unless sexual contact is part of the job.

Can you get STD from someone who doesn't have it?

No, to catch an STD you HAVE to have had contact with someone affected with that STD. The only exception may be a parasitic STD such as crabs which can be transmitted without direct contact.

How do you tell someone you have an STD?

There's really no easy way to tell someone you love that you have an STD. So, the best way is to sit down with her, be honest, and just tell her."hey partner! i have std!"Be straightforward and come out with it.umm just tell them. I've been working in the medical field for many years and have seen it all! It is very important to let your partner know this because it can cause infertility and sometimes even death if left untreated.First and without exception, you must tell him! This is critical!! Just be open, direct, and honest. I can't tell you how important this is! Please tell him! Then make sure you and him get medical attention as soon as possible.Honestly and quickly. If he does not want to share your health problem it's best he know as soon as possible.Just go up to them and be like yo you gave me a STD. Just lie

Can you get an STD from sharing food?

You won't get a std by eating after someone.

If you eat a girl out and she doesnt have a STD can you get one?

You can only gte a STD from someone who has it, not from someone who doesn´t have it.

How does a male know he if he has an STD?

No, you won't be able to tell by sperm if there is a STD.

Did Rihannah cheat on Chris or not?

no she gave him an std.

Can you get an STD from someone whose STD isn't active?

Yes, it is possible.

Can you tell if a male has an STD by the thickness of his semen?

Depends on which std your taking about, but usually no.

What percentage of babies are born with an STD?

Chances are small that someone is born with a STD.

Does Linday Lohan have an STD?

not unless i gave her one

Can you get an STD from sharing bath water?

You won't get a std by taking a bath with someone who has a std.STDs are not spread by sharing bathwater.

Can putting sprite on your finger and touching your genital area tell if you have a STD?

No, it can not determine if a person has a STD.

How did Nicki Minaj's baby's father die?

From A STD That She Gave Him .

When should you tell your partner about an std?

i would tell him right away ...

Can you get a STD from an object that was touched by someone with an STD?

No... unless you have bodily fluids on you're hands then yes

Can someone take you to court if they get a STD?

No, a person will not be taken to court over a STD (not including HIV).

If you have an STD can you give someone a different STD the you have?

Yes you should get check and cleared until then so sexual intercourse!

Can you get an STD if you're thirteen?

Yes, you can get an STD if you're thirteen. Anyone of any age can get an STD if they have sexual contact with someone who's infected.

Can you be sued for infecting someone with an STD?


Does having an STD give you immunity for life?

no man, it's not a chicken pocks, you get an std every time you chose to have unprotected sex with someone who has std

Will you gynecologist tell your parents you have an STD?

No, the you gynecologist won't tell your parents you have an STD due to the HIPAA just don't tell them you're parents name or last name or address or phone #

Can the Doctor tell you if you have a STD?

Yes, a doctor can always tell if they have the right equipment.