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just say:

"i know you mean well but maybe you should let people make their own decisions

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Q: How do you tell someone they are bossy in a nice way?
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How to be bossy?

here are some! to be bossy you say you are more good then other orshow cool stuff and never say Bye-bye *that`s was mean bossy way nice way are do really nice thing and you will be the boos

How do you tell if someone is nice?

I can tell by someone's personality, the way they treat you, the way they respond to you, everything that they are choosing to do. lol :P

How do you stop your friend from being bossy if she hates you?

Well, if she hates you, then she isn't really your friend. Tell her in a nice way that if she continues to be bossy, you won't hang out with her anymore. Don't be afraid of her when you say it, or whenever because she does not have more power than you do. Remember always that you two are equivalents.

How do you dump somone?

you tell them in a nice way if they were good to you. don't have someone tell them for you. use a good tone of voice and tell them it does not work and why.

Is MJ bossy?

He can be bossy in a good humoured way!

How do you get your sister to be nice?

If your sister is 10 and she want everything to go her way and is a bossy brat then there is no way that you can make her nice she think that just because she has a big head and she think that is cute but she is not then there is no way that you can make you sister nice.

How do you explain to your mom someone at school gave you a soda?

tell the truth with a few glitches.Say it in a nice way too

Why do friends tell you your bossy and get annoyed by just the little things?

Since it is more than one or two people thinking you are a bossy person then you should ask them in what way you are being bossy. People often mean well, but sometimes they can be bossy; opinionated; stubborn; their way or the highway. All individuals have some fault about them and if a friend or more than friend brings that fault up to you then you should try to correct it. Remember that other people have opinions; you are not always right and people have a brain to think for themselves and do not need someone being bossy towards them. Learn to improve yourself by listening to what your friends are saying to you.

How can you tell if someone love you or how does someone show love?

You can tell if someone loves you by the way they treat you. A person that loves you will always do nice things for you and help you whenever you are in need. They will also respect you and like spending time with you.

What are 5 examples of bossy in sentences?

Her friend was bossy. Why are you so bossy? His coworkers did not like his bossy attitude. The boy rebelled because he thought his parents were too bossy. Being bossy is not a good way to have a lot of friends.

What is a bossy verb?

A "bossy" verb is an imperative verb, a word that tells someone what to do.A sentence with a "bossy" verb is an imperative sentence.Examples of imperative sentences with a "bossy" verb:Stop!Watch this!Clean your room.Bill, get some milk on your way home.Note: The subject of an imperative sentence is most often the implied noun or pronoun for the person spoken to.

Is the proper way to compliment someone's smell 'you smell nice' or 'you smell good'?

You smell nice is the correct way to compliment the way someone smells.