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How do you tell someone you dont love them?


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You look them in the eyes and say I DONT LOVE YOU!!


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then calmy tell him/her that you love him/her.

Wait for they right opportunity to tell them, like if they tell you they love you go ahead and tell them back. Or you can hint at it. When ever you feel ready to. dont push it (:

They dont cry or love. Then, get the P.O.O.P. on the robot.

Just tell them you are sorry but you do not feel that way about them.

if you dont love them then dont say you do... i think it matters that u dont.. could give them the wrong feelings towards you

get them alone and just tell them. dont b embarrassed. ok.

If they love you it won't matter to them, and if you want they will help you get a better education.

Just tell the person or hug them and tell them you dont have to kiss them to tell them you love them my friend kissed someone and she didnt love him so just because you kiss someone doesnt mean you really love them. You can touch them or be flirty.

i Dont really know but: Tell him that there are 7 billion people on Earth and that he will truly love someone when the person loves him back.

Tell him exactly how you feel, just awnser the question, if you love him then tell him why you love him, if you dont then tell him, dont lead him on

its plenty you can do. you can give off different actions to let them no that you love them. but dont come on two strong

if you tell someone you love them and their is no response back then that means 1 they is undecided 2 they dont know what to say because they are confused 3 or if they wait along time to say i love you back then they dont really love you or if they don't say nothing at all they definetly don't love you. when you find true love you would know!

Remind him that when you love someone you dont just love them for the good you them for their all and u say sorry and tell him you are reliable

how can you tell if someone has moved on

to secretly love someone who does not love you, either because they dont love you, are currently seeing someone, or dont know you love them.

Tell them why you feel you love them. Say it to their face

i say tell them the truth. the truth in a relationship is the most powerful thing, dont be scared, dont start drama, tell the truth.

just tell him/her that you do not feel for him/her the same way that you did before (if you did love him/her in the past)... an that you dont want to hurt his/hers feelings an that you still respect him as a person(if you do) an that you jus grew apart from him/her ..

Just tell them you dont want them and if its someone who you dont like getting emails from, block them.

Yes you can how you tell is you look into his eyes if you realy loved him when you went out with him you can tell...that is how you tell when you go out with someone if your love is true look into his eyes and see if he realy loves you and if you realy love him if you dont see anything dump him because it is obviouse that you dont realyy love him...i love my boyfrined Joe Handy he is Well Fit....

Then you do not love them.. that would probably be lust. If you truly love someone you should not be afraid to tell them or be afraid of what they will think. if you are affraid to tell someone you love them you sould just do it if they dot love you back its there loss not yours because you are probably a wonderful person and they dont realize it you eather need to leave that person alone or give them some time they will come around

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