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How do you tell which Sims are rich in order to fulfill your character's ambition to marry a rich Sim in the Sims 2?


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April 05, 2010 6:55AM

If one of your Sim's wants is to marry a rich Sim, you can go to "Ask..." and look for "How Much Money Do You Have?" If your relationship is high enough a speech bubble will form at the top right corner of your screen telling you. The Sim will answer, obviously, but may possibly be offended and damage the Sims' relationship with each other a little bit.

If you have a cheat that allow you to do so you can make them selectable and find out.

== Answer

A really easy way, do this as soon as your in the neighborhood, press crlt shift c then type

boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true

go to the lot you will be playing on and shift click the mailbox. click make NPC and look for dateable-Mr. Big (he's got money) while this cheat is on you can pull up needs and relationships. When Mr. Big walks by your house make you sim greet and then interact with him, after the interaction shift click on him and find make selectable he will show up as if he is in the house. go to where the people he knows are and pull up the relationship bars (do the same for yourself) then make him unslectable. You can propose move in afterward. (Proposing to "Move In" does NOT fulfil this want. You have to propose Engagement/Marriage)


Play on all your Sims and make them rich by:

a) getting a job

b) typing motherlode into the cheat window (ctrl-shift-c) and you will get fifty thousand. (kaching gets you one thousand

(improving motherlode cheat

open cheat bar (c+ctrl+shift) press the button above tab (tab is above caps lock) it makings the cheat bar expand, type in "motherlode" no quotes (") then press enter now press the up arrow and motherlode will appear in the cheat bar again so press enter again the up then enter then up then enter etc:


You can aso try neighborhood view and typing in the cheat

FamilyFunds _______ 999999

Replace the _______ with the last name of the sim you want to be rich. They now have 999,999 simoleons. You can give them a different amount of course; that's just the amount I usually give when I want a sim to be filthy rich.

Uh, don't forget to put a space. Only the last name of the sim/s is case sensitive. (Eg. Sim's Last name is Smith) familyfunds Smith 9999999

Also, you can go all the way up to nine million, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine, not just 999999 as that last answer suggested.