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if your best friend was your best friend that person would just listen to youlike a good friend that person is.

AnswerI think this question doesn't have an answer because no matter how you say it things will get weird if she doesn't have feelings towards you in that manner. Here is a suggestion though, ask her what she thinks of you and if she ever thought of you two more than a friend?
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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 22:32:12
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Q: How do you tell your best friend that you like her without making things weird?
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Is holding hands under popcorn at the movies weird with or without a friend there?

No, it is not weird. As a matter of fact it is quite common.

How do you know if a friend likes you more than a friend?

they will be around you the most and ask things about you and give you a "special/weird" look

What to do When your is friend is over?

Wonder what its like to be a lesbian? Well try it out. Touch eachothers private parts. Or just do weird weird things :D

Why are friends so weird?

2 make you laugh i guess because i have this 1 Friend that she always act weird or if you friend a boy den he like you if its a girl den she like you the same gender making you laugh

How do you ask a girl if she likes you without making it weird?

Just straight up ask her.

Is it weird if you are 14 and your best friend is 18?

no. that is normal for many people, plus your friend can drive and get you things that you are not old enough to do or get yet!

Will things get weird if you take your friend to a dance?

It might reck your friendship but a least it is someone you know well

How do you ask out a good friend and your best friend's cousin out without ruining the friendship or feeling awkward around each other if he says no?

truthfully if they ackt weird around you it means your making them feel unconfertable.try only talking to them in you group of friend itll make thing more confertable. ps. NEVER go up to them and tell them to stop acting weird around you !

Is making out weird?

not making out would be wierd

Is it appropriate for females to have friendship with husband's friend and chit chat with her friend in the absence of husband?

It is ok for the female to be friends with the husbands friend. But I think that talking to the friend without the husband present is wrong it seems a little weird.

Is it weird that your friend sniffs cheese?

no not really, is weird if they do it all the time

My dad thinks that my friend hanging out with me and my fiance all the time is weird. She was friends with both of us long before we were even dating. Is it weird?

Not at all, if your friend has just platonic feelings for you but if not then things might complicate.

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no so what if he weird

Is it weird to friend a guy on Facebook with the same name as you?

Yes. Yes, it is weird.

What do you say to your friend who thinks your other friend is weird?

tell them to get over it and that they're your friend

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good jokes and weird things and funny things about other ppl and weird looks

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IT IS NOT. If a friend said it, your friend is weird.

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How do you tell a guy your limits without making the conversation getting weird?

Just be completely straightforward. Say things like "I'm okay with this, but I'm not comfortable with that." DON'T let him pressure you into doing something you don't feel comfortable with.

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Im not gay but you have sexual intercorse with your male friend?

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How do you if she is using you?

you will know cause she starts acting really weird and making you do weird things like asking you to buy stuff wen she has money and stuff and if ur friends know she is usin u believe them

What does it mean when you tell him that you can't live without him and he replies back to by saying weird?

It can mean one of two things 1. You're making him feel unconnfurtable or2. He doesn't feel the same and he wants to break up been there done that