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first you click the sled then go to the mountain and do the testing trails.

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Q: How do you test G's sled in Club Penguin on Mission 2?
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What do you use doctor Gs sled for on club penguin?

Test it in a secret mission.

Where do you crash in club penguin missions?

In mission 2 you test drive gs sled and crash

Where do you test the sled Club Penguin?

Ski hill

Where in ski hill do you test drive the sled on club penguin?

if your asking about the mission its either the hardest one or there's another track which is there only for the mission hope i helped :)

Can you win the sled test on G's secret mission?

Yes you can.I know because I have completed all the P.S.A missions and that was one of them. My name on Club Penguin and on WikiAnswers is SuperJosh635

What mission should you do in Club Penguin?

You should do all of the missions on Club Penguin! They test your brain skills and are fun to figure out.

What do you do after you test drive the sled for club penguin?

What sled? if your talking about the one in one of the missions, i think you have to find G a few parts for it. But im not exactly sure.

What do i do after you get out of the routes in club penguin?

you go to the mountain and take out the sled and you should see a sign that says test run.

How do you get water in club penguin when you test agent G's sled?

you have to go to the river with your "pan" and scoop it out hope you got it!!

In club penguin where do you test gs new slead?

Go to the ski hill (on map) and drag the sled to the 'test track' strate in front of you.

How many sled racing track are there club penguin?

4, but 5 if you are counting the test track on one of G's missions.

Where do you test the sledge on mission 2 club penguin?

the normal place where you ride the sledge but on the test track