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How do you text a New Zealand mobile from a UK mobile?

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turn your phone on and click send on the message,

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Nope ! Just text it as if it was still in the UK. The network knows the location of both mobile phones, and will route the text as necessary.

Replace the 0 at the beginning of the UK telephone number (mobile or landline) with 00 44.

To call a UK mobile from New Zealand, dial 0044, followed by the mobile number without the initial 0. For example, to call mobile 07700 900 649, dial 0044 7700 900 649.

No, Boost do not offer services in the UK. They operate in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

sorry but no, new zeland never will stand a chance. sorry once again

Just enter the UK mobile number exactly the same way you would when that mobile is in the UK.

No, New Zealand is larger. The UK is approximately 245,000 square kilometres whereas New Zealand is approx. 267,000.

The population of the UK is about ten times greater than New Zealand.

New Zealand is a member of the Commonwealth.

The UK in area is 245,000 square kilometres.New Zealand in area is 268,000 square kilometres.Therefore the UK "fits into" New Zealand about 1.1 times.

The North Island of New Zealand is smaller than the UK but all of New Zealand is larger than the United Kingdom

From London, England, UK to Wellington, New Zealand is about 11680 miles.

44 is the international country code for the UK (including England). To text a UK mobile phone from the Republic of Ireland dial '0044' or '+44'.. then the mobile number. Omit any zero from the start of the mobile number.

9:30AM in New Zealand is 11 hours behind the UK, so it would be would be 10:30PM in the UK.

One can find flights on Air New Zealand to the UK on the Air New Zealand website. Also, another place one could check on these flights is any airport in New Zealand.

Replace the trunk prefix 0 of the UK mobile number with +44.

The UK in area is 245,000 square kilometres. New Zealand in area is 268,000 square kilometres. Therefore the UK "fits into" New Zealand about 1.1 times.

Sorry, you can't have a licence that's made in the UK in New Zealand. they have different laws and regulations, living in New Zealand i would know Hope this helps =) From a New Zealander <3

most of New Zealand mobile phone numbers start with:021 (vodafone network)027 (telecom network)022 (2degrees network)So when calling from the UK you would drop the FIRST '0' from the 021, 027, or 022:0064 21 (vodafone network)0064 27 (telecom network)0064 22 (2degrees network)(the number 0064 is the New Zealand country area code, which is for ALL mobiles and home lines)

All mobile numbers in the UK begin with 07 (or 44 if it is a text). There is no "typical London" mobile number.

No, the UK and Australia yes.

To send a text to a UK mobile, just enter the UK mobile number exactly the same way you would when that mobile is in the UK.If you are using a GSM mobile phone, the most reliable method is to enter the number in full international format. In the case of a UK number, replace the trunk prefix 0 with the country code +44, including the plus symbol. That way, even when you are roaming, the mobile network will automatically insert any needed prefix(es).

to text a US number form a UK phone, you simply place 001 before the mobile number and then send it.